Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I *heart* handbags!

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend... or shoes.  But for me its handbags!  I rifled through my wardrobe to find some of my good aul faves that I always turn to, to show you girls, but found some bags I forgot I had and that I remembered how much I loved!! YAY!!

I love how handbags can make an outfit complete.  Here is a small selection of mine.

These two bags I love.  They're from Lucky Brand which is one of my favourite handbag brands.  You can see the patch-work one in action see here.

These 3 beauts the wonderful Karen got for me in Spain.  Really cute clutches in stone, dark grey and a camel colour. *LOVE*

I got the next bag in Banana Republic for very cheap in New York (I'm sure you can notice a pattern here!).  I remember walking out of the shop and it catching my eye and 10 minutes later I was still thinking about it so I had to go back to get it.  Completely forgot I had it! :)  It's perfect bag for work plus it opens so wide so I won't have to rummage with one eye closed trying to feel around the bottom for my lipbalm.

Next I have my Coach bag which I love!  I got this in Woodbury Commons outside NY a couple of years ago.  Once I went into the shop this one stood out with the brightness of the green. 

And last but not least is my new favourite bag which I had completely forgotten about until I saw it a few minutes ago.  What I love about this bag is that it's different to the usual style of this brand.  It's Guess!  Again, I got it in Macys a few years ago and it's just a gorgeous style bag and colour which I don't think will date.  Must start using it again!

Already wondering what bag to use for work tomorrow now! :)

Thanks for reading


  1. I love handbags myself!!
    You green coach is really prettyy :)


  2. You have a lovely collection! I LOVE handbags too<3

  3. Handbags are my passion and I have loved them since I was a little girl, I have so many now - I rarely use the same one twice in a row. I love designer bags and high street and in my opinion, you can't have too many!

  4. @Ezzy and @Vintage Make-up - thanks girls... id *love* a Chanel bag to add to the collection too - one day

    @helen99 your collection sounds amazing!!! Well jel!

  5. Really enjoyed this post, it's great to see that I'm not the only one with the beginnings of a handbag obsession.

  6. Nice collection! But I loved the last one most :)

  7. @cornflakegirl - I just love them so much! I was in NY with a friend, and the 1st bag, the patchwork one I wanted, but I wanted about 3 others, and when she found me in macys I was in front of the mirror wearing 4 different bags asking which I liked more cos i couldnt decide :)

    @pooja_G me too! It's Guess too! never seen another guess bag that wasnt made of fabric, not leather, and covered in "g"'s

  8. You handbags are amazing! I want all of them so badly. They look so chic and expensive. I have a massive obsession with handbags as well. And I just can't stop.

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