Monday, October 17, 2011

Lazy beauty blogger - getting an extra day out of my manicure

Being a beauty blogger can be hard on the nails.  I'm rarely without nail polish but sometimes get fed up changing it all the time.  My nails get chipped a lot at work and as much as I love my Seche Vite for it's quick drying amazingness, sometimes I'm just not bothered taking all my polish off and starting again.

So what does one do on these occasions?  One whips out one of one's glitter nail polishes!  On this occasion we are playing with Time for Romance.  Time for Romance is another one of the stunning new Deborah Lippmann-esque nail polishes from Essence and is a piddley €1.29!

Time for Romance is packed full of multicoloured glitter, hexagonal glitter and teeny weeny glitter suspended in a sheer pink jelly base.  I use two coats over a base polish but if you were using it alone, I'd go for three.

So my original manicure was Butter London's Perfect Prezzie and here it is on it's own and then with two coats of Time for Romance over the top.

Butter London's Perfect Prezzie (L), two coats of Essence's Time for Romance (R)
The multicoloured glitter isn't too obvious which makes it office friendly (well, my office anyway) and I don't feel like it's too crazy for work.

If you want to see my other glittery nail polishes from Essence, have a look here for Make it Golden or for the amazing dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe, click here to see Essence's Blue Addicted!.

Now, while I absolutely love glitter polishes *this much*, I also hate them *this much* when I go to take them off.  Hate them.  Curse them every single time.  Scrub at my nails for ages.  Then I forget.  And put more on.  Admire them.  The cycle continues....  I am like a magpie and will always be drawn to them so someone out there needs to invent something that takes glitter nail polish off easily, any takers?



  1. Do you use the foil method to take it off Karen? It usually works on any glittery polish - I've only ever come across one that it won't work on, and that's probably because I didn't leave the foil on long enough (was in a hurry) - cursed like a sailor taking it off (it was a Models Own one). In love with Essence at the minute, their polishes are fab!

  2. That is NOT lazy. That is Inspired!
    Fab idea!

  3. Haha glitter polish is so nice to make chipped polish look ok! The crakle polish as well. As recommended by MissGreenEyes you should try the foil method, I have a post on my blog (last december or january), check it out for more info! (I don't want to leavet the link, because I don't want to be rude or anything...) but let me know if you want it!

  4. Ooh going searching for this foil method cos I'm with you K, love the glitter and hate trying to get it off! This is tres pretty x

  5. fab nail polish. got it yesterday and can't wait to try it out. love your blog!

  6. MissGreenEyes - I've never tried the foil method, will have to give it a go cos it's driving me mad!

    Girlwiththeskew-earring - thanks!

    Ms Bubu - I will deffo check out your post on the foil method, thanks for the heads up :)

    fluff and fripperies - kindred souls what can i say emma hehe

    Anonymous - thanks!

  7. It's not lazy it's a great idea, glitter hides all manner of nail sins!


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