Monday, October 10, 2011

My weekend's outfits

My boyfriend Will got free tickets to see Rian in the Gaiety on Friday night so I had an hour to rush and find something to wear as I didn't want to go in my work gear.  I was hoping to get a really dressy top, but since it was freeeeezing cold out that night, I decided warmth and comfort was what I needed to go for.

So I ran to Penneys after work and I managed to get everything I needed.  Gotta love Penneys!!

Jumper - €14
Leggings €4
Belt - €3
Necklace - €3
Boots, Steve Madden - Ancient!

I was so delighted with everything I got and I was warm and cosy sitting through the oddest 2 hours of modern dancing I've ever seen!

On Saturday afternoon Karen and I attended the launch of's new book, Gorgeous to Go.  Thank God it was a lot warmer than Friday so I could wear the new blazer I got in New Look - (check it out here)  It's so comfy and I know I'm gonna get lots of wear out of it over winter. 

Blazer, New Look - €39.99
Scarf, Zara - Gift from Karen (Thanks!!!)
Top, Sfera - €9.99
Jeans, Wallis - €36
Bag, Lucky Brand
Boots, Steve Madden

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  1. Haha I've totally done the Penneys dash before too! The green is lovely on you x

  2. I have scarf envy! I got loose in a big Penneys a few weeks ago (our local one is tiny), I'd quite happily live there :)

  3. Ah Penneys, you can't beat it! Love that scarf too x

  4. @Dee - Can cant beat Penneys for "The Dash" :) The jumper made me feel all Christmassy too :)

    @MissGreenEyes - have yet to get lost in a Penneys, but wouldnt be so bad if I did :)

    @Actionmags - you know me and my scarves! Got a fab one in Penneys in Newry yesterday. :)

    @Fluff - thanks! Love the scarf meself. Karen has good taste :)


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