Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New products from OPI, St. Tropez, Sanctuary and Yes to!

This evening I popped along to Newman House in Dublin to have a gander at some new products and some Christmas products from brands that included St Tropez, Sanctuary,  Proactive, OPI and Yes to Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Blueberries!

St. Tropez have a Glamour Kit €39.95 pictured in the top right that's great value.  It has a self-tan mousse, wash-off dark spray, a tanning mitt and a shimmer brick.  New to me is the St. Tropez Skin Illuminator that comes in two shades, Rose and Violet.  They give a gorgeous glow to the skin and I can attest that my hands looked lovely after slathering it all over them!  Quick tidbit is that St. Tropez is responsible for tanning the X Factor contestants this year, so we must keep an eye out for that and see how they look, but if they go near Janet Devlin then I don't know what we'll do!

St. Tropez have also come out with their Naturals range that contain a naturally derived active ingredient called Vegetan, which gives you the glow.  A much needed addition to the St. Tropez family is an SPF with tan enhancer included.  You have the choice of an SPF 30 and 50, so protecting your skin with a bit of colour, great idea and can't believe they didn't think of this sooner!

Next up is Sanctuary.  I was immediately excited to see the Salt Scrub pictured on the right below.  I was given this as a present a couple of years ago and love it so much.  I must do a review on it, gorgeous body scrub.  The other product that stood out for me was the 2 Step Spa Facial (€29.95) pictured on the left below.  This contains a warming microbrasion polish and The Therapist Secret Facial Oil.  I'm totally going to buy this and give it a shot.  Scrub and facial oil?  Yes please.

I will do a more in depth feature on the Yes to range soon but needed to share the prettily packaged Yes to Blueberries.  I was drawn to the packaging first without realising that it was for *ahem* mature skin but I am embracing those skincare products out on the market if it'll help me look younger for longer!  The range is huge and needs it's own post.

Now, I was like the ultimate magpie and literally hovered across the room to greet the OPI stand.  They have teamed up with The Muppets for their Christmas 2011 range and this makes me very happy.  I love OPI and I love The Muppets (Animal was my favourite back in the day, shows where I get my mentalness from) and the fact that there are so many glitter polishes in the range made me sigh with The Joy.

We got to check out lashes from Ja'Maal Buster who lashifies celebs such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.  They're €6.99 and they are fabulous!  I had the chance to get a pair put on there and fell in love with them.  I'll show you them in a post tomorrow along with another set I was given to try.  These would make a great stocking filler don't you think?

You didn't think I was going to let you go without getting up close and personal with the OPI polishes now did you?!  The single bottles are 12.95 and they have mini sets for €16.95 which contain 3 mini polishes, a grand Secret Santa present if you ask moi.

Check out your local Unicare, McCabes, Horgans, Sam McCauleys along with your local pharmacies nationwide for these products.

So that's the overview ladies.  I was given some products to try out so stay tuned for more on them.  Is there anything so far that has tickled your pickle?


  1. I NEED those OPI baddleh!!

    Trying not to think about them too much as they're limited edition and may escape my mitts.

    It could be Mad as a Hatter all over again! *shudder*

  2. oooooooh, those opi polishes!! :-D they look amazing (ive just started buying opi and i love them!!). The eyelashes look great too!!



  3. The muppets glitter feckin polishes... Bloody brilliant

  4. I *might* be found in salon services tomorrow buying glitter muppet polishes.

  5. I've been lusting over these muppet nail polishes, but none of the stores that sell opi don't even have displays for them out yet!!! It makes me super sad!!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Dribble.

    Tell me you'll be reviewing the San Tropez illuminator...

  8. Can I remind you miss bits that I picked up the San trops illuminatior at the beauty show and you quite rightly told me I didn't need it, at that point of the day it was like bolting the barn door after the horse had spent all her money but I think it was a tenner ....
    It doesn't haunt me though so that means I didn't need it

  9. I have seen the OPI polish on another blogs and the silvery /colour one is amzing!

  10. Does ayone know where can I buy a display stand for my OPIs? tried few sites but for Trade only..

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