Sunday, October 30, 2011

No Halloween costume? A quick Halloween make up tutorial!

As I write this, I'm hoping nobody comes to ring the doorbell because look at moi...

Sorry Karen, you have a little something under your eye there...
Last year I posted a crappy photo of this look from my phone and decided this year to do a step by step tutorial because I find these easier to follow than videos.  I followed Petrilude's Unzipped tutorial last year when first creating the look but kept having to press pause, so hopefully this will be a bit easier for you to follow.  I didn't have any of the products he used but found grand substitutes in my stash, so here goes!

This is what you'll need.  From top to bottom:

1. Any red/wine lip gloss.  I used NYC's B'way Berry which is dark wine in real life and really lovely and thick for this look.
2. Any red/dark red lipstick.  I used Avon's Red Hot Lips here.
3. A red lip liner.  I had Barry M's liner in shade 3.
4. A black pencil liner.  I used my Urban Decay pencil in Zero.
5. Eyelash glue.  I used Duo glue.
6.  Any black and red eye shadow.  I used My Sleek sunset palette.

Oh yeah, you *might* want to have a zip too.  I took this photo after I finished the tutorial because I wasn't sure what I'd need and so the zip is currently on my face.  You can get zips in Hickeys or anywhere that sells trimmings and fabric.  I, however, disemboweled a little purse that I don't use and so have a cute blue zip.

You should have most of those in your stash but if you don't, substitute as necessary.  Now let's get to work!

  • Start off by holding the zip under your eye where you want it to be.  
  • Use a small brush and the black eyeshadow to trace gently outside the zips to give you a guideline.
  • Colour in the area with the red lip liner.

  • Take the eye lash glue and put a generous amount all along the back of the zip.  You need a good amount to make sure it stays put throughout the night.
  • Stick the zip on in place, over the red lip liner.  You don't have to be neat with this because you can make it even messier on the outside of the zip later.
  • While you're waiting for the glue to dry, take the black eyeliner and colour in your eyelids and under your eye that has no zip.
  • Mixing your black and red eye shadows, apply on your lids and under your eye that has no zip.  Once again, this can look as messy as you want.  Your poor eye has been unzipped, of course your make up is gonna be all over the place.

  • Take your black eyeshadow and with an angled brush, make little dragging lines on the outside of the zip to make it seem like your skin is being pulled down.  Also apply some black shadow right inside the zip.
  • Apply the red lipstick to the inner part of the zip and apply red lip liner to the waterline.  If you have sensitive eyes or are unsure about putting lip liner on your waterline, by all means, leave this out and put black liner on the waterline if you'd like.  I've used this a few times now and my eye has been fine, but don't say I didn't warn you!
  • Next, apply the lipgloss on top of the red lipstick and you are done!  

This is a perfect look if you don't want to dress up for Halloween but don't want to get given out to for not making an effort!  I wore this to a party a couple of years ago and freaked people out so go forth, stick zips on your face and Happy Halloween!


  1. Sorry but I literally winced everytime I tried to look too closely at the pics.. By which I mean this is soooo well done!! :P Great job!!

  2. Deadly tutorial Karen - so gruesome looking!

  3. Thanks guys! I aim to gross people out :)

  4. Brilliantly disgusting I saw a little lad last night with this... He must read your blog ;)

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


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