Sunday, October 2, 2011

Professional Beauty Dublin 2011 haul!

Today was a good day!  Dee from Viva Adonis and I made our way southside to the RDS to the Professional Beauty Dublin to see what all the hype was about.  We met up with Mags from emeraldeyeliner and Mariga from Wexford Beauty and had the ultimate girly chats and laughs and a sneaky skin consultation over coffee!  We got some products from Mariga to try so stay tuned for the reviews.

I will say, i was pretty restrained.  I didn't get any brushes from the Crown brush stand, I want something like a Mac 239, or even a Mac 239 itself and I didn't see anything like that so virtuous moi let the girls have at it.  I wasn't on the lookout for anything else in particular so let's see what I felt I actually "needed" shall we?

First up is the Orofluido shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.  Mags and I actually "oohed" when we saw the Orofluido products tucked away in the corner.  I've been wanting to try the mask for ages and didn't know they did shampoo and conditioner so I will have beautiful locks now!  The receipt doesn't specify what cost what, but they were €6.50, €5.99 and €7.50, that's trade price but I'll find out how much they are in the shops.  Stay tuned for reviews.

I've been wanting to try out the Duo eyelash glue for ages and so had to buy it here.  I've no idea how much it is in the shops, but this was €6.50.

I picked up some of these nailwheels to be able to swatch polishes for you all and save my nails a wee bit.  They're so hard to find here and I'll probably get some more on ebay because they're much cheaper there.  These were only €3 each but on ebay you can get around 10 nailwheels for the same, but this will do for now.

We came to the Bourjois stand where you could get 2 items for €5 or 5 for €10.  The bargainista (and make up hoarder) in me went with the 5 items and I got these 5 gorgeous shadows.  I've been wanting the green and purple one and when I saw the Intense shadow, I immediately turned to Dee all excited saying "Ooh this is one of the new ones"!  Big time bargains and I can't wait to try them out.

Finally was the highlight of the trip.  The bargain that made me squeak a little bit.  I love Seche Vite.  A lot.  It's actually a squidgy bit weird how much I love it.  It costs around €13 in Boots though.  I lost mine to the heat in Spain a couple of weeks ago.  It dried up and I didn't want to get the thinner to make it normal again.  Imagine my happiness when I saw it today!

Ladies, they were only €5.50 each!  And I saw this Essie polish after Mags picked it up, so being the lemming I am and due to extreme dehydration caused by it being melting in the hall, I got it too!  It's in the shade Aruba Blue and was €5.95.  I had to pick up 2 Seche Vites at that price, it would have been wrong not to....

And that was it folks.  We came, we bought, we sweated, we took the scenic route home because we didn't have a baldy notion where we were.  Typical northsiders wha?  Now, didn't I do well?


  1. Sounds like a great day out, shame I couldn't make it.

    I'm really looking forward to your Orofluido reviews cos I love the oil.

  2. Vay restrained *tips hat*

    Great bargains though, that Seche Vite is a steal - a STEAL I tells ya!!

  3. Gah so jealous but probably best for my poor little wallet, I couldn't go.
    €5.50 for seche sure at that price they were practically paying you to buy it!

    I have those nail wheels (or ones like them anyway) and I find that the polish doesn't stick that well to them, I think it's because it's so shiney, but it may just be me. Interested to hear how your get on with them.

  4. Hi..i was there too..loved the bourjois bargains. did u see the he-shi tan for €5, and the wow-brown for €10!! Oh and the vry cheap glo-minerals foundation down from €49 to €22 with free flathead brush?? You'll love the Duo glue..its great..and iv seen it in makeup shops for €20..So a bargain at 6.50. Chk out
    for all things eyelashs..theyre the top brands at ultra cheap price $4 for Duo glue..or $5 for surgical...iv nevr got stung for customs and u can google voucher codes online for it!!
    Enjoy :)
    Farrell x

  5. I was wondering if you have to be a beauty professional to go to this shows or can any joe soap go?


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