Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Won't you take me to Tinsel Town?

Ah the glitter is back and blingier than ever.  Check out what I've been wearing on the nails since Sunday.

I paired NYC's In a New York Colour Minute polish in Bowery Black with China Glaze's Tinsel Town and brought out the inner magpie in me.  In person it's not overly blingy but then I have a very different cut off point to the normal person when it comes to glitter polishes!  I wore it to work without feeling like I was going to blind everyone in a two mile radius.

I love gunmetal anything.  Gimme an eyeliner, nail polish, eyeshadow and I'm good to go.  So NYC's Bowery Black is right up my street and it's only €1.29 which is fabaliss.  I applied two coats of Bowery Black and topped it with one coat of Tinsel Town.

Tinsel Town is a charcoal grey polish literally packed full of silver glitter and larger glittery bits.  The base itself is a sheer grey and I'd say you'd get away with one thick coat if you were using it alone.  I like using glitter polishes as a top coat really and I only needed one coat here.  It's really pigmented for a glitter polish and this makes me happy.  I want glitter, not base.  Otherwise I'd buy a normal nail polish...

I think this combo would be lahffly for the Christmas season and especially New Year's Eve (which I detest). It's twinkley, sparkley and glittery, what more could you ask for?


  1. Ahh, great minds think alike - I did something similar with my nails today! One nail glitter, one nail metallic etc.. love the look! Those colours are stunning x

  2. Me likey it like a DIY Chanel dupe


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