Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Avon Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation - swatch central!

I do apologise if this picture heavy post makes your computer freeze but you know what it's like when I get going on something like this, I have to try to show you as much as possible.  And this is no different.  I know it's hard buying foundation online without having swatched it on the back of your hand, tilting your hand this way and that way, smelling the foundation to see if it's perfumed or not.  I've bought foundations online before and swapped some over at the Swap Siopa on beaut.ie, but before doing so, I researched as much as possible, reading reviews and seeing swatches online.  So to give you as much information as I can on Avon's Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation (€15.50) to make your shopping experience a bit easier when they're launched in February 2012, I have a mountain of swatches from Avon themselves and some of my own too.

Behold the fantastic 16 shades that Avon's Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation comes in, one for all the family.  Read here about Alesha Dixon and how she is Avon's new Beauty and Empowerment Ambassador.  Her first beauty duty is launching this line of foundations!

When I met Jackie Tyson a couple of weeks ago and was introduced to the products, I was given four of the foundations to play with.  The Avon ladies picked out some colours for me and I must say, they did well!  I even have a summer colour for when I have a tan!

Avon Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation - Nude
Let's talk packaging shall we?  The foundation comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a black pump on the top and a lid over the top of that.  If you're worried about any mess when bringing it out and about with you, the pump has a locking feature that stops the pump from being pressed down accidentally.

Avon Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation - Golden

I tried my best to take shots of the shimmer in the foundation, courtesy of the irregularly shapped OptiLux pigments, that allows light to pass through and show off your skin along with giving you great coverage.  Don't freak out at the word "shimmer" in foundations, you won't look like your man from Twilight, think soft glow finish.  Jackie said that she likes to apply the foundation with her fingers and I still have to try that.  I'm a sucker for my foundation brush!

Avon Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation - Natural Beige
The unscented foundation itself gives a medium coverage, is buildable and leaves your skin with a radiant glow without the curse of the oily T-Zone.  I've been trying them for the past week and am happy to go to work without powdering my face.  It's thicker than my usual liquid foundations but blends into the skin smoothly without caking.  I'm not going to do a full review yet until I properly test them out for a few weeks which is usually my rule of thumb when reviewing products.

Avon Ideal Flawless Liquid Foundation - Ivory
I hope this post helps a bit in seeing the consistency of the foundation, the packaging and the shades that are available.  I'm pretty impressed with them so far and will report back with my proper scientific findings soon!

Anything tickle your pickle here?


  1. These foundations look so creamy! I love that.


  2. I'll definitely be checking these out when they're availabe. They look great and I love the wide ranging colour choice.

  3. Hi! Can you please tell me is natural beige really yellow or just yellowish?

  4. Hey ! they look amazing, do you think the golden shade is comparable to MAC NC40?


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