Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation review

I will fully admit that I always thought mineral make up was the loose powder stuff and have tried it in the past and found that I'm not a fan of mineral make up, or what I thought was mineral make up.  When I read about The Body Shop's Extra Virgin Minerals foundation, I gave a little "ooh, muy interesante".  Not only do they have the powder foundation, but there's also a cream compact and liquid foundation.  This was new to me and couldn't wait to give the cream or liquid a go.

At The Body Shop's Christmas with Karim event back in October, he talked us through the three products and explained that instead of formulating foundations based on skin type, The Body Shop have formulated them based on the finish you want.  The liquid foundation (€22.95) gives a fresh, dewy finish, the cream compact foundation (€24.95) gives a matte finish and the loose powder (€23.95) gives a natural, radiant finish.  The range contains Community Fair Trade pure cold-pressed olive oil and ultra fine mineral pigments giving both moisture and buildable coverage and are available in seven shades.
When I went to The Body Shop to get my first ever facial, I was given a chance to pick one of the foundations.  I decided to play it safe and give the liquid foundation a go.  I was colour matched by Eleanor, their gorgeous make up artist who chose shade 105 for me.  (Let the record show that she picked the exact right shade for me, not too dark or too light, she was the Goldilocks of make up artists).

The foundation itself is a runny liquid and I can get the scent of what I think is the olive oil when I first apply it but it dissipates quickly enough.  I use my Sigma F80 as usual to apply and it blends into my skin like a dream giving my skin the most gorgeous glow.  A little goes a long way with the liquid foundation.  A full pump is too much for my face and ends up feeling heavy on my skin, so around half a pump does the job and gives me the coverage I want.

As you can see in the before and after photo below, it gives me medium coverage which I love.  It's nice to be able to see your skin showing through and not look like you've a big old mask on.  I find it's necessary for me to powder my T-zone with this and I think it's because of the olive oil in it; it does moisturise my skin but my oily T-zone doesn't need too much of that.

This has been my favourite foundation hands down over the last couple of months.  I have used it pretty much every day and it hasn't broken me out.  It has an SPF 20 in it which is great because I'm so lazy and don't use a separate one.  The cream compact has an SPF 15 and the loose powder has SPF 25 in case you were wondering.

I'm so happy with this foundation and I am considering trying the loose powder as a setting powder rather than a foundation after seeing Karim using it in October.  Mineral powder just isn't for me as a foundation but mineral liquid foundation is!

Have you tried this yet?


  1. That looks great on you Karen! Brilliant to hear you only need half a pump as well, it must last aaaaages. I have the compact, which I love, but I must give this a whirl sometime!

  2. it sounds great & looks even better! i'm on the hunt for a new foundation, my triple flair is letting me down at the moment... one thing Karen, is it long wearing by any chance? xox

  3. Looks interesting... I'd be scared of the oil though, due to my ridiculous combo skin!

  4. I said i'll let you know how i get on.... well i bought it& love it but it's not for me.
    It broke me out like mad and i can't figure out why.
    I know it's just me & my sensitive skin, the foundation is exactly how you pictured it so it must be one of the ingredients my skin is reacting to :(
    I'm very upset now, i look like i've chicken pox or something aaaaand i have to go hunting for foundation again. one of them days....

  5. Aw no Andrea, I'm so sorry to hear it didn't work for you, you poor thing. Yeah, there must be something in it that doesn't agree with you, I've tried foundations that broke me out too, so annoying, Nars Sheer Glow was one of them and I wanted to love it so much... I hope your skin gets better soon lovie

  6. ah sure Karen don't worry, i'll be fine :)
    i dug out my trusty dermablend this morning& almost covered every single fecker but i haven't taken my makeup off yet, i'm afraid i'll crack the mirror on sight :))
    well it was worth the try anyway, thanks very much!


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