Monday, November 28, 2011

Carmine Beauty Box

There's a new beauty box on the block and it's from Carmine!  I was sent one to try out and here are my thoughts on the box ladies.  First of all, the actual box itself is gorgeous.  My dad used to make boxes for different companies and he would have loved this one.  Sleek on the outside and colourful and funky on the inside, like moi (eh, maybe not...)

When you open the box, it's prettily packaged with black tissue paper and a cute red ribbon along with the card that tells you about the products inside.

Let's look inside and see what we get for our spondoolies shall we?

From left to right we have New Cid's i-Pout lipstick, which is a lipstick complete with a built-in mirror (which took me ages to find because I'm an idiot - it's on the side folks) and has a little button on the bottom that lights up two little LED lights.  Cute!

Neom Organics is next with a Real Luxury Organic Body Lotion.  I've never heard of Neom so must do some research on them, but of course when I see the name, I pretend I'm at the Indy 500 and say "neommmm" like I'm watching cars go by, yep, weirdo, I know.  This smells gorgeous and can't wait to have a go.

Thirdly we have Brow Ink from Cosmetics A La Carte.  I was really excited to see this and have been on the lookout for one of these ever since I saw Lisa Eldridge using one similar to it in a video a while back.  I won't go into this in detail because I shall be reviewing it soon but I had a little go this evening and was so impressed with it.  It's basically a very fine tipped ink pen that lets you draw individual hairs on your brows.  Love.

Second last is Dainty Doll's Eyeliner Pencil.  Nicola Roberts has her own make up range out if you didn't already know this and in the beauty box, we get a full size eyeliner!  My one is in the shade Shake Your Tail Feather and is a metallic green, can't wait to play more with this.

Finally is Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream in Rewind Time (yeah did you know Lulu had a skin care range?  No, me neither).  I'll give it a go though.

The little card that comes with the box has discount codes for each of the products with is a fantastic idea!  So if you decide you want to buy the full size product, you still get to save a few bob.  We like that.

So onto the details.  The service costs £10.00 with postage being £2.75 which works out at just under €15.00.  You can either go for a monthly subscription which you can cancel any time, a six month subscription that you pay for up front and can't cancel until the end of the six months, or a 12 month subscription where you pay for 11 months up front and get the last month free.  You get the box delivered by the 10th of month.

For a beauty blogger, trying and buying so many different beauty products can be expensive especially if they don't work for your skin or you just don't like them.  Beauty boxes like these and the other ones out there are good for bloggers because we get to try products that we've never heard of (like Lulu) and we can discover some great new brands without the expense of buying full size items.  For the non bloggers out there, boxes like these are a nice present to give yourself or to a friend if you're feeling very nice!

I like the idea of getting to try five new products every month but I think they could make the packaging a bit smaller and maybe save a little bit of money that way.  It would be great to have the option to choose having it come in a pretty box like this, especially if you were giving it as a gift.  They're going to have the option to create a beauty profile so that you'll be able to tailor your future beauty boxes which I love because it means no products will go to waste.

Click here to visit the Carmine website or visit their Facebook page here.  The website has a great blog section that talks about some of the products and gives great beauty tips

What do we think ladies, does Carmine's Beauty Box tick any of your boxes?


  1. I like the sound of this and the box itself is gorgeous.

  2. Fab post K, love that there are a few makeup bits included as the other beauty boxes seem heavy on the skincare...

  3. i am disappointed with boudoir prive this month so i think i may change to charmine next month,great post :)


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