Friday, November 18, 2011

China Glaze Christmas nails - 2010 vs 2011

A few weeks ago I picked up Twinkle Lights by China Glaze in Sally's Beauty Supply on Drury Street.  My head and my heart were having a fight (albeit a small nanosecond of a fight) where my head said "oi, don't you have Party Hearty from last year's Christmas collection from China Glaze and isn't Twinkle Lights very similar altogether, so why do you think you need both Karen, why?" and my heart said "shadappa your face little old head, Karen needs both of these polishes as a nail polish addict and all round magpie.  It would be wrong on so many levels not to get Twinkle Lights" and so it was purchased.

Now, onto the investigations.  Did I need both?  No.  Did I want both?  Please, child.  Do they look the same?  I don't think so at all but I'll let you make up your own mind.

Twinkle Lights (left) Party Hearty (right)
This first photo should be enough to make you see that they're completely different, but oh so purty.  The glitter in Twinkle Lights is all the same size and there's more gold in it along with red, green and a bit of silver glitter.  Party Hearty has those fabulous big red hexagonal glitters, smaller green hexagonal glitters and small gold and silver glitter.

Take a look at them on their own, no base coat.  These make me so happy!

Party Hearty (left) Twinkle Lights (right)
Party Hearty requires more coats than Twinkle Lights to be fully opaque.  So how do they look over nail polishes I hear you ask?  Well, I decided to paint my nails different shades of red and one nail had to have green for the craic.  On one hand I put two coats of Party Hearty and on the other hand, two coats of Twinkle Lights went on.  

Party Hearty (left) Twinkle Lights (right)

I think these might be the Christmassyiest nails ever!  Up close they look pretty different but at arm's length, they look similar enough.  I actually went to work with my nails like this for two days and had everyone commenting on the Christmasness of my nails but nobody noticed that they were different.
Party Hearty (left) Twinkle Lights (right)
These two polishes will be making many appearances over the Christmas season.  I think Party Hearty is for mad parties and Twinkle Lights is a bit more subdued, a weeny bit.  I'm a lady don't you know?  They're both gorgeous and twinkley dinkley members of my nail polish collection.  They cost a very reasonable €5.99 + tax which is totally worth it for something as cute as these!

Which is your favourite Christmas nail polish?  'Tis the season and all!


  1. Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la la!! They are perfecrt!

  2. I'm loving the sparkly post! I love the Deborah Lipmann polishes, good coverage, but think i'll be giving these a go too, whats the price of them? x

  3. Girlwiththeskew-earring - aren't they?!

    Adoreabubbles - If Christmas was a nail polish (or two) these would be them!

    Nora - Sorry, I updated the post with the price, they were €5.99 + vat in Sallys's Beauty Supply, but when I was getting Twinkle Lights, Sally's had a 3 for 2 offer so it was an extra incentive to buy them ;)

  4. Oh gorgeous! Totally getting Twinkle Lights now.

  5. China Glaze has stopped exciting me recently. You've reminded me that Party Hearty is in my collection though, so must get that out!

  6. After seeing the swatches, I think I may have to get these as a early xmas pressie,,,they both look gorgeous on you!!

    Hopefully there still available in Sally's xxx


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