Saturday, November 26, 2011

Essence Stay All Day eye shadows

Last week I picked these pots of shimmery goodness in my local chemist for €3.49 each.  New from Essence is their Stay All Day long lasting eye shadows that comes in six shades.  I got the shades Glammy Goes To and Coppy Right and had to forcibly remove myself away from the stand with one eye looking longingly at the other shades and the other eye quickly scanning everything else in the chemist while I walked in slow motion to the checkout.

Left: Glammy Goes Too       Right: Coppy Right
The packaging is plastic with a domed lid, cute and functional.  Inside is the densely packed eye shadow and these creamy metallic shades are right smack bang in my comfort zone for every day wear.

First up is Coppy Right, a warm copper shade.  This has a mixture of gold, bronze and brown that is really pigmented when applied thickly but becomes really sheer when blended out.  It's more sheer than Glammy Goes To and I think it would be a good introduction to creamy shadows novices.  Out of the two shades, this one would suit more skin tones.
Coppy Right blended and thickly applied, in natural light (left) and flash (right)

Next up is Glammy Goes To.  I love me some champagne eye shadows and was excited to give this a go.  I've worn this cool toned shade a couple of times this week and it made me look bright eyed and bushy tailed.  It's a pretty, every day staple for a couple of euro.

Glammy goes to thickly applied and blended, natural light (left) and flash (right)
These shadows are billed at being non creasing, but when I applied Glammy Goes To without a base, it did crease after about four hours.  Now, I do have oily lids and have to wear a base every time I wear eye shadow because most products crease on me, especially when it's roasting in the office and I have no idea how to turn the heating down.  On the second day of wearing Glammy Goes To, I applied a base that I'll talk about more in an upcoming post.  The shadow only started creasing after 9 hours and I can't ask any more than that folks.

I like to apply them in one of two ways.  I either get my ring finger, swirl it about in the product and pat it all over my lid to achieve the level of coverage I want.  I then use a clean finger to blend away the harsh edges.  My second way to apply them is to get a fluffy brush like a MAC 217 and have at it.  Doing it this way means you can build the colour gradually and not go over the top.  I've been looking at swatches of Rock Chic online and think I need it too.

Essence have so many great products for fantastic prices that it makes being a beauty lover great fun.  We get to be able to try some great quality products for a few euro and you can't ask for anything more lads!  I'm a huge Essence fan and they've given me inspiration for a great many posts.  Click here to read through them!

Do you have any Essence recommendations folks?


  1. Those look freaking gorgeous! Must investigate as well :D! xoxo

  2. These look fab, I've had my eye on them for a while but never bought them. I can't now though due to my eye shadow spending ban.

  3. Andreea - deffo check them out!

    Paula - hopefully your spending ban will be over soon so that you can check these out!

  4. These look lovely, they remind me of the Catrice Stay All Day shadows, which I own 3 of in quite similar shades to these...

  5. Really liking the look of these, they remind me of the old L'Oreal mouses, will have to have a squizz :)


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