Monday, November 21, 2011

Gosh 22 colour shadow palette

Yesterday I was in town with the mothership and found myself in A Wear.  Of course, I was magnetically drawn to the Gosh make up stand.  Nothing I could do about it.  It was like I had hovercraft shoes really.

I caught sight of this fabulous eye shadow palette that I saw on earlier in the week and there was only one left.  Obviously, this meant one of two things; they sold like hotcakes and must be amazing so that's why there was only one left.  Secondly and most importantly is that because they were all sold except for the last one, it was obviously meant for me, right?  So I happily handed over my €14.99 and couldn't wait to have a play at home.

The packaging is lovely, the palette itself is thin and light and perfect for bringing away.  The mirror is only huge!  It takes up the whole top lid space which I love.  There's a great selection of wearable colours and some mad ones too for the braver make up lovers.  I spent this afternoon in swatch land, taking advantage of daylight so scroll and take a look at swatches of all 22 colours.

The shade on the right below is fab and looks like a mix between MAC's Sketch and Shale.  The other two aren't great pigmentation wise but would be useful for blending.

I was really disappointed with the midnight blue shade in the middle below.  It wasn't very pigmented at all but I'll give it a go over a base or even wet.  I'm obsessed with midnight blue eye shadows and am not letting this go just yet.

The teal colour below right is so gorgeous and pigmented.  I actually love all three of these shades, in particular the olive shade on the right.

Loving the pearly white shade on the left for an inner corner highlight.

We're into the more Autumnal and neutral shades.  The colour on the right is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to play with it.

The copper shade in the middle is one of my faves from the palette, it's so pigmented and is reminiscent of MAC's Antiqued.

The silver and black shades are next.  I didn't find them great to be honest, especially the darkest one on the right, I had to work hard to get it to show up on my arm.  I love the shimmery white one on the left though.

Finally are the most random shades of the palette, a pink and coraly orangey one.  I couldn't see them going on my eyelids to be honest, but I might give them a go on my cheeks and see what they're like.

So folks, is this something you'd be interested in?  I think it'd make a great Secret Santa present and for €14.99, it's great value altogether!  It's available in A Wear shops and selected chemists so keep an eye out ladies and let me know if you pick one up!


  1. This looks like a really nice set, loving the warm shades

  2. Looks like a nice set! great price too!

  3. So we have all failed the shopping ban .. May we hang out heads on shame

  4. I don't know, honestly I'm not too impressed with the colour pay-off. I mean, sure it's great for the price, but I think you can tell it was cheap as not many of the colours are very pigmented :(


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