Friday, November 11, 2011

Loving the lip gloss

I am a lip gloss lover and proud of it!  Let me explain this love to you.  I love the feeling of gloss on my lips.  I'm always smushing my lips together to make sure the gloss is still put and I have The Fear of the whole "lipstick on the teeth" scenario which we've all been victims of.  (By the way, if you have lippie on your teeth, I'm a teller and fully expect you to tell me too, so don't say you weren't warned.)

I can sit at my desk at work and happily apply my gloss without worrying if it's not applied evenly, a little smush of the lips and it's grand.  Even better though, is after a few drinks, application is still a doddle, sans mirror and all.  Now, I'm going to have a little "getting to know you" part of this post where I'll tell you something that has allegedly happened to moi.  Years ago, my brother visited me in Canada for Christmas and I had had one too many Christmas drinks.  He came into the living room where I was sitting on the floor (so I couldn't fall any further, smart eh) playing with a make up set my family had gotten me.  Apparently, I was lashing the red lippie all over my lips and face, in a fashion not unlike a demented lunatic who could only colour outside of her lips.  Now, I said this allegedly happened because I live by the rule that if you don't remember, it didn't happen.  Suffice to say I'm 100% positive that if I'd had gloss that night, I would have looked only charming and kept inside the lines.

Anyway, my lips are my least favourite feature of my visage and because they're small and uneven, I don't like bringing much attention to them.  That being said, this year I have become braver and been inspired by my fellow bloggers to try stronger lipper colours.  That being said, lip gloss will always have a special place in my heart and I'd like to share with you my favourite ones.

I carry millions of lip products in my bag and I don't usually spend a huge amount of money on them.  We're really lucky these days ladies because there are some great bargains to be had in the lip gloss sections of make up stands.  The Essence glosses above are €2.29 as are the NYC Liquid Lipshine glosses so you can afford to pick up a couple of them without feeling too guilty.  My pink Barry M Lip Gloss came free with the purchase of two nail paints but I think if you're to buy it on it's own, it comes in at around €6.50 and Rimmel Vinyl Glosses are around a fiver.  

NYC Kiss Glosses are €1.49, yes, you read that correctly.  I think B'way Berry is a great gloss to have coming into the winter, giving us scaredy cats the opportunity to try out darker lips without going proper vampy.  I got the Rimmel Vinyl gloss in Poundland for £1 funnily enough.  I bought the MAC dazzleglasses last year in New York I think and can't remember how much I paid for them.  They're the stickiest out of all ten glosses but I don't hold that against them because they're just so dang sparkley.

So ladies, this is just a small selection of my vast lip gloss collection.  I love them all and they love me.

Are you a lip gloss lover or a lipstick queen?


  1. I went through a bad lipgloss addiction last year, but I've stopped buying them lately - have fully swapped the addiction over to lipsticks. In particular, NYC and Essence lipsticks - they're so cheap, sure they're practically free! *keeps convincing self*

  2. Eh, I'm more of a lipstick person than a lipgloss person. Lip products in general wear pretty quickly on me, and glosses wear faster than lipstick, so I usually don't wear it.

    The B'Way Berry looks lovely though! Very pretty. :)

  3. Ahhh I'm really not a big gloss fan. In fact, I've never found one that feels comfortable on my lips. Sounds like I'm missing out!

  4. The Fashion Icon Vinyl Gloss is my absolute favourite :) Such a pretty colour. I never ever used to wear anything on my lips apart from balms and glosses but I'm experimenting with more lipsticks now - much to my hubby's horror!

  5. MissGreenEyes - Love NYC and Essence for lippies, they're such great value so you totally don't mind picking up a couple!

    Pretty Me Purple - B'way Berry is gorge

    gabriellasofia - maybe some day you'll find a gloss you like :)

    Helly - experiment away is what I say :)


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