Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My latest bits from Avon

A few weeks ago I decided to try out the Avon website so I could give you my feedback on it.  Of course, this meant making a couple of purchases *ahem* all in aid of the blog and you guys so yes, I am very selfless doing this all for you... (Did you buy that? Yeah, didn't think so)

The website itself is easy to navigate and is broken down into catagories, my favourite being Special Offers of course!  I added stuff to my cart, removed some, generally hmmed and hawed while trying to look up swatches online and this is what I ended up getting:

I think that was pretty restrained right?  3 lipsticks, one of the eye shadow pencils and of course, a Supershock gel eyeliner.  The total was €26.85 and I got free shipping.  It took just over a week to get it and I was able to check the order status on the website easily.

So let's look a little bit closer at what I got!

Lipsticks first.  I picked up two of the Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction lippies in Plum Gorgeous (left) and Nude Perfection (middle) and a satin finish Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in the shade Pout (right).

The Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction lipsticks are the marbled ones and give a gorgeous glossy finish while also being quite pigmented.  There are ten shades in this range and it took me ages to decide which ones to get.  I am getting braver when trying more colourful lipsticks and thought I did pretty well with the Plum Gorgeous one, especially without being able to swatch it beforehand.  These were on sale at €6 when I bought them and are usually €11.  The Ultra Colour Rich lipstick in Pout is a gorgeous peachy colour that is slap bang in my comfort zone.  It came in at a grand €4.50 and is usually €9, bargaintastic, oh, and there are six shades in this range.  Now, my lips are really dry and chapped at the moment so no swatches yet, but I'll have them by the end of the week.

Next up is one of the double ended SuperShock eye shadow pencils.  I got the shade Chocolate Melt & Cream Dream and there are two other shades available.  I thought I'd get good wear out of this one and for €5.85?  Yes please. It's usually €9, so another great deal.  The brown is beautifully creamy and pigmented and the champagne end is perfect for the inner corner highlight.  These would make a great eye shadow base and would hold their own sans anything on top.  I'm looking forward to seeing if they crease during the day and will report back toute suite on that.

Finally we have the reason I made the order in the first place!  Avon's SuperShock Gel Eyeliner is back!  I had Avon representatives searching for this for me for ages and when I thought all hope was gone, I found it back where it should be and snapped one up.  It comes in black and silver and was on sale at €4.50 instead of €7.50 so I couldn't be passing up a bargain like that now could I?  Especially since it disappeared for a while... I have worn this out since getting it and it was fantastic, the closest thing to my Stila's Kajal in Onyx and a fraction of the price.  I think I may have to carry out one of my world famous scientific experiments to test these out, n'est pas?  It's pigmented, creamy and if it's good enough for the Pixiwoo girls then I'm sold.

So that was it ladies.  I went, I searched, I bought, I loved.  Will you be trying anything from the Avon website or from your Avon representative?  Or better yet, is there anything you'd recommend for me to try?


  1. I'm really keen to try the supershock gel liner, I LOVE my eyeliners! I am devoted to Urban Decay's 24/7 liners because with my watery contact lens-filled eyes, they do not budge. I've heard the Avon ones can run - have you found that?

  2. yup i also only ordered to get the Supershock eyeliner! :) what a cult product!

  3. I'm blaming you if I end up getting divorced over my makeup addiction!

  4. Honestly I've never considered AVON before, but these colours look beautiful and I especially like the sound of the glossy lipsticks. I need to add these to my list-of-things-to-try! Thanks for a great review :)

  5. oh yes please do another one of your ingenious experiments, loooove them :)
    thanks for sharing the experience, i did have a rep but it takes her at least a month to get me (not even half) the stuff i want so i ended up not bothering anymore.
    i love their 'far away' perfume but it's the type of scent you love or hate with a passion so... dunno?


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