Sunday, November 6, 2011

My top 10 make up brushes

Over the years I've amassed quite the collection of brushes.  I'm not snobby when it comes to brands and will give anything a go.  I use most of them them pretty much every day and they range in price from free (using my Boots €7.50 off voucher to the most expensive MAC 109 which was $34.

First up are face brushes.  Now, by all means, apply your foundation with your fingers, it'll give a lighter coverage.  I just feel like I get a better finish with a brush and I need a bit more coverage due to the state of my skin and my uneven skin tone.

Top to bottom and left to right we have:

1.  A duo fibre brush.  This was part of a set I got in TK Maxx a good while ago.  Lots of brands do duo fibre brushes and I love using this when applying bronzer like The Body Shop's Honey Bronze face gel or if I'm stuck, it makes a good foundation brush too.  It blends everything beautifully and I wouldn't be without it. You can get a similar one from Cloud 10 Beauty here.

2.  Sigma F80 flat topped kabuki brush.  I reviewed it in full here and still use it almost every day for my foundation.  I can't say enough good things about it and once again, it can be bought on Cloud 10 Beauty's website here.

3.  Ecotools powder brush.  I got mine as part of a set in New York last year.  Boots sell them too but I'm not sure of the Irish price.  This brush is really thick and soft and I use it as both a powder brush and blush brush.  It's nice a small so fits in my every day make up bag.

4.  Mac 109 brush.  I got this a couple of years ago now and this was my go to foundation brush before I got the Sigma one.  Now I use it to contour my cheekbones and apply blush.  It has started to shed which is annoying but it's still a brilliant brush.

Next up are my eye brushes.  It was hard to whittle them down but I thought about which ones I go to most days and these were the chosen few!

Top to bottom and left to right we have:

1.  Ruby & Millie angled brush.  I love angled brushes because they're great for filling in the eyebrows, adding liner to the upper and lower lashlines and for tightlining too.  I got this a while ago in Boots using one of the €7.50 off vouchers so it cost me very little, if anything at all.

2.  EcoTools eye shadow brush.  I got this one as part of a set in New York but Boots sell them too.  This brush is perfect for applying a wash of colour all over the eyelid.  It's dense, soft and fluffy and I love it!

3.  Boots No 7 eye shadow blend and contour brush.  Again, I made good use out of my €7.50 voucher in Boots and have a few of these in my collection.  They're great for applying and blending shadow and are a close match to MAC's 217 brush.  It has a shorter handle than the 217 so fits well in my little make up bag.

4.  EcoTools detailer brush.  This came in the same set as the EcoTools eye shadow brush above and is perfect for adding eye shadow to the inner corner, along the lower lashline and adding darker shadows to the outer corner.  And it's cute too!

5.  MAC's 224.  I love this brush so much and don't know why I only have one in my collection.  It's the perfect brush for blending any harsh lines away and the Pixiwoo sisters use it for applying concealer under the eyes.  Soft and fluffy and a must have.

6.  MAC's 226.  I got this a couple of years ago in the Duty Free and spent my holiday admiring it lots.  It's more pointed than the 224 at the tip and is great when doing a look that has a well defined crease.  It keeps the colour in one place rather than blending it out.  Love it.

So that's it folks.  What are your favourite make up brushes?  Do you recommend any that I should add to my ever expanding brush family?


  1. I love those EcoTools brushes too.

    The list of brushes that I want to buy is as long as my arm and consists mainly of Inglot ones.

  2. I think everyone loves that Ruby and Millie angled brush! I love that one! I bought the Boots contour brush too (actually three) thanks to the vouchers! One for neutrals, darks and bright colours!

  3. What a great post! I swear by Ecotools :)

  4. i love ecotools brushes i have a few, i especially love the retractable kabuki brush,the best i have found for applying my mineral foundation! i have a couple of the ruby and millie slanted brushes,i find they are better than the mac ones for gel eyeliner and brow powder. I have a japonesque (from boots) slanted foundation brush which is excellent for liquid foundation, gets in all the difficult to cover places easily but it was expensive!

    Jo xx

  5. Brilliant post and would you believe I took a bunch of pics of my brushes this weekend for something similar - not copying you, promise! x

  6. F80 THE BEST
    Te dejo el link a mi nueva entrada :) TE SIGOOOOO! BESOS

  7. I have and love almost all of those brushes. The No7 blend and contour brush is a great dupe for the 217, although not as soft. I tell ya, Lisa Eldridge is a very clever lady. Have you tried the crown brushes, I'm thinking of getting some.


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