Saturday, November 19, 2011

MYscara update

Just over a month ago, I went to the award winning Nu Essence Salon in Dublin to try out their new treatment called MYlash.  Read about it all here because ain't no point in me repeating myself!  Anyways, I promised a full and frank update, so four weeks later, how did I get on?

I will admit, I had the fear that as the treatment wore off, I'd be eyelashless but figured, sure if all comes to all, I'll use fake eyelashes until they grow back.  I've done a photo collage of before treatment, right after treatment and now.  Have a looksee.

Top to bottom: Before, right after getting MYscara, now
There is still some of the MYlash on my eyelashes, mostly at the roots and at the very tips.  I can't tell that by looking at it in the mirror, just from my up close and personal photos and by the feeling when I put mascara on.  When I'm applying my usual mascara (Benefit's They're Real), it just feels like there's already a light coat of mascara already on and I'm applying a second coat.

You can see in the side-on photos below that there's still a bit of curl left in my lashes.  I don't curl them in day to day life as it is and was surprised that the curl lasted so long.  You can still see the MYscara slightly in the top and bottom lashes but of course it has faded.

Left to right: Before, right after getting MYscara, now

The photos below show the thickness of  my eyelashes, before, during and after.  Margaret from Nu Essence explained that I might lose some lashes as the MYscara came off an eyelash that was attached to another one, so I was scared I'd be baldy lashed.  I only lost 6 eyelashes in total.  I know that's sad that I counted them, but I wanted to be able to tell you!  I started losing them about 10 days ago, so 2.5 weeks into the treatment as I was applying mascara.  I was combing the wand through my top lashes and I could see the tip of a lash that had fallen out stuck to the tip of another eyelash, so a quick yoink got it out and that was the extent of my eyelash loss.

Top to bottom: Before, right after getting MYscara treatment, now

The first two mornings after getting the MYscara done, I woke up to a few of my eyelashes tangled together, but I used the end of a tweezers to unstick them.  It felt very strange altogether to be able to rub my eyes without the fear of having panda eyes!  It's vital to use an oil free eye make up remover when removing make up, so I bit the bullet and repurchased Simple's eye make up remover and thankfully didn't have any pink eye reaction.  The feeling of taking your eyeshadow off but not the mascara is a strange one I tell you that!  

So ladies, would I recommend to a friend?  Most definitely and I will be getting this done again without a doubt.  It was great if I was in a rush legging it out the door to work to only have to do my foundation, blush and powder, ready to go in 3 minutes and no poking myself in the eye in my haste to perfect my lashes!  Joanne (the one who doesn't wear much make up) was really surprised with how natural it looked and so were the girls at work.  I think we were all expecting I'd come home with Miss Piggy lashes, causing a gale force wind at every blink.  But thankfully I just looked like I had mascara on, which was the whole point of the treatment!  As I explained in my initial post, I got two coats of the MYscara treatment done, but for the Christmas season, I'd go for three and you'd still be able to get away with that at work as well.

So folks, is this something you'd consider trying?  Head over to the Nu Essence Facebook page for more updates and prices, they've great offers going on at the moment in the run up to Christmas!

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  1. Fab detailed review as always Karen, this is why you're one of my favourite bloggers. So original and straight. Brill pics and descriptions. X


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