Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple red and gold Christmas nails

You're going to a Christmas party and you want something quick and easy to plonk on your nails.  It's an added bonus if it's gorgeous too and the fact that this manicure is cheap as chips just adds the star to your Christmas tree!

Take any red nail polish and lash a couple of coats on.  If you don't have a red nail polish in your collection then I don't know what we'll do with you.  Go get one now.  I'm using Red Zin from Sally Hansen which is a gorgeous deep red polish, perfect for the Christmas season.

Take Essence's Make it golden which is €1.29 and put a couple of layers on and you have beautified Christmas nails that anyone can do.  It's that easy!

Make it Golden gives a lovely sheer layer of fine shimmer and then bedazzles the living daylights out of your nails with the hexagonal glitters.  You can also layer it which is sometimes necessary.  Like when you've just done a layer, the doorbell rings, your lunatic of a dog goes mental and tries to eat the flap of the letterbox, you pick up said lunatic dog so you can answer the door, nail polish smudges, you curse the man at the door (not to his face, that would be rude, he's only coming to collect the Betterware magazine) and the lunatic dog, you are not going to start again, no, you apply another layer and go on your merry way.

I love these Essence polishes and they never fail to get people commenting, asking me if I did it myself; put each hexagonal glitter on one at a time.  Am definitely going to tell someone that I did next time they ask!

See my first Christmas nails post of this year here, but if you don't like glitter, run along now...


  1. Hahaha I ALWAYS smudge, always. I'm going to give this Essence polish another bash, because I tried it and I wasn't impressed at all, but it looks bloody gorgeous over that red, well done missus, you've saved another polish from the depths of the Narnia wardrobe :)

  2. Haha I was messing around with nail polish yesterday and I too thought that Essence over red was a super Christmas combination!!

  3. Ah I love this Karen, and you've just reminded me to pick up that Essence polish! This is gorgeous, and sounds easy enough even for me!


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