Thursday, December 22, 2011

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

Earlier in the year, I discovered Liz Earle and all she had to offer me as a skin care novice.  After trying out and loving the Cleanse and Polish, I asked on Twitter for suggestions on what to try next in my quest to fix my skin.  Kirstie from said two words "Superskin Concentrate" and so when in Wilde and Greene in Milltown shortly thereafter, this little rollerball of goodness ended up in my shopping basket, funny that eh?

This was my first foray into using oils on the face and so I got the smaller of the two available sizes.  10ml set me back €21.50 and I went about on my merry way wondering if I should roll it all over my face or onto my fingertips and then blend it into my skin.

Containing a combination of oils; avocado, rosehip, argan, neroli, lavender, hazelnut, along with vitamin E, this is a powerhouse to help your skin through the winter months.  I just started using it again recently after finding it in the end of my To-Review box and so I reintroduced it back into my routine.

Now, I've mentioned on the blog before that I've and oily T-zone and normal/dry cheeks, depending on the time of year.  Being new to using oils on my face at the time I bought it, I was afraid I'd end up looking like an oil slick using this but it actually helps balance oily skin and softens dry skin.  I like to use it before applying my moisturiser about three times a week.  I wash my face and then roll the ball over my fingertips, rubbing them together to warm the product and then I massage it into my skin.  If I've any leftover, I bring it down onto my neck and massage it in gently.  After a minute or two, I apply my night cream and head to bed, waking up to beautifully smooth, moisturised, nourished skin.

The scent is heavenly.  It's intoxicating and aromatic, full of lavender and neroli which makes it an absolute treat to apply and the perfect send off at the end of the day.  The next day, I wake up with soft, plump, moisturised skin and it hasn't caused any breakouts or increase in oil on my skin.

My mission is to get Joanne using this.  She has really dry skin and I am basically going to bully her (I'm allowed, as sisters, it's the law that you can bully your sister into doing anything you want, especially for the good of the blog, I don't make the rules) into using this and she can report back on her findings.  What I'll tell you is that this is a fabulous treat for your skin, especially in the winter.  We have the cold weather, heating on and it's just not a happy time for skin really.

One of my New Year's Resolutions that I actually started back in the summer was to start really taking care of my skin with good quality products.  This is one of those rare finds that if it wasn't for Kirstie and Twitter, I would never have thought to even try something like this.  So thanks Percy!

The rollerball (10ml) retails at €21.50 and the 28ml bottle comes in at €43.50.  A bit spendy but it's so worth it investing in skincare ladies.  You can buy them in Wilde and Green in Milltown or on the Liz Earle website.

Join me in Looking After Your Skin 2012!  The year where we'll all turn back the clock and look 18 again!


  1. Thanks for this K - this is one of the few Liz Earle products I haven't tried so it's being added to the (ever growing!) list xo

  2. Another great post Karen, I'm a HUGE fan of all things Liz Earle, There is no better cleanser than their cleanse and polish, followed by their hugely refreshing Toner

  3. My skin's the same type as yours, so I'll definitely be trying this.. haven't used any Liz Earle products before!

  4. I love how well oils work on my dry skin so will definitely be giving this a go when I run out of Rosehip Oil, thanks for reviewing it Karen.

  5. I've been considering buying this for ages but I'll have to wait until my funds are slightly healthier post Christmas!


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