Thursday, December 1, 2011

New body products from Emma Hardie

Last night I met up with the lovely Emma Hardie and the glamazons Clare and Amanda where they introduced us to the goodies they're launching in Ireland coming up to Christmas.  When I met with them earlier in the year, they spoke about a body scrub they had in the works and I immediately sat up in my chair ears tingling.  I'm a big fan of body scrubs and after falling in love with Emma's Moringa Balm, I couldn't wait to have a goo.

Let me get started on the scrub first.  It's mud-based and contains clay, Himalayan salt to detoxify and organic red corn exfoliating granules.  It has the same gorgeous scent as the Moringa balm thanks to the Moringa extract and also contains almond oil.  I tried some out as we were chatting and found myself sitting there like a lunatic, lifting my hand automatically every few seconds to smell it.

The scrub itself has a salmon colour and that's presumably from the red corn that exfoliates the skin gently without being too harsh or stripping the skin.  The photos below show the texture a bit better than I'm describing.  Emma said she likes to use the scrub in a few ways.  It can be used as a regular scrub to buff away dead skin cells or it can be used to gommage.  What is gommage I hear you say?  I didn't have a clue either but was too scarlet to ask so a quick bit of research on the tinterweb tells me that it's a way of exfoliating the skin by applying the scrub to dry skin, leaving it a few minutes to dry a bit and then when the scrub is rubbed away off the skin, the dead skin cells come with and you don't need to shower it off.  Totally going to gommage myself!  It can be used as a detoxifying treatment too.  Emma recommended to try applying it all over the body and then get yourself into the bath, letting the heat and steam do it's work, allowing the Himalayan salt to draw the impurities out of the skin.  We had a very scientific story told to us where Amanda's friend had two cysts on his back and after applying the scrub directly onto them and letting it sit there, they disappeared after doing this periodically for two days.  Gross story but I was enthralled!

Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Treatment - €59, 200mls
The Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Butter was introduced to us next.  This luxurious, thick body butter contains shea butter, exotic Inca Inchi oils from Peru, Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin E and marine actives making it a powerhouse in terms of treating dry, sensitive and damaged skin.  It feels thick when you first take it out of the tub but as you rub it into the skin, it thins out and encourages the concept of massaging your skin which helps promote the removal of toxins from the body.  This too smells gorgeous.  Both of the products "are both naturally scented with beautiful aromas of citrus essential oils softened with floral notes of rose and jasmine on a bed of cedar-wood."  

Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Butter - €54, 200ml

Right now the two products are exclusive to Arnotts until January next year, when they'll be released in Space NK in Dundrum.  The concentrated ingredients and gorgeous packaging come at a price, €59 for the scrub and €54 for the body butter.  This is pure luxury though and would make a generous Christmas present to someone you like a lot.  Who likes you back.  And might give you a sample of it to try yourself.  Hover around them when they open it and ooh and ahh over it, they'll get the picture.

Emma will be in Arnotts today at 12pm and 2pm giving presentations so if you're in town, pop along and see her and if there's anything I can ask you to do, it's to smell the Moringa balm and these two new products and let me know what you think.  Reviews will be coming on the scrub and body butter soon once I gommage and slather myself with them! 

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