Friday, December 16, 2011

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask - favourite mask ever!

I've been using this mask and repurchasing it many times for the last 6-7 years at least and am appalled that I haven't reviewed it yet.  Shame on moi.  So here it is ladies.  Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask.  This one was given to me by Origins but I will continue to repurchase this myself for many years to come.

The mask contains active charcoal which draws out impurities in the skin and really clears out your pores.  I like to use this about once every two weeks or so to really feel like I'm de-gunking my skin.  At the moment because of the cold weather, central heating on all the time and trying out so many different products on my skin, my charcoal mask is more important to me than ever.  I'm lashing on the moisturiser like there's no tomorrow to combat the dreaded winter dry skin.  So, I use this to refresh my skin and really clean it out.

I have rather large pores on my nose which always seem to be clogged up, same for the skin on my face around my nose.  I don't suffer from breakouts very often (only the Lady Breakouts on my chin every second month or so) and my skin is in pretty good condition at the moment.  And I do attribute a lot of that to this product.

Let's look closer at it shall we?  It's a, well, charcoal grey coloured mask really.  It's thick and creamy and has a charcoal scent that I actually like but while I don't think it's offensive, it might not be to everyone's taste.  I always make a holy mess of myself when I apply masks with my fingers, so I like to use an old foundation brush so that means less mess and even coverage.  It goes on wet and dries hard.  In a matter of ten minutes, it has dried to a really satisfiying, botoxed feeling, can't put anything in your mouth because your face is hard, oh holy Moses please don't let anyone ring the doorbell, mask.

These type of masks make me happy.  I don't like ones you have to peel off; I feel like I'm loosening my skin when I do that.  I don't really like the ones you just wipe off, I mean, what was the point of that?  No, I like this one.  Especially the satisfaction of doing this:

I like to rinse it off in the shower with a face cloth, but pretty much every time I use it I find some at my hairline or close to my ears, so just have a proper goo at your face before heading out the door to make sure you get it all off.  What I am left with is the clearest, cleanest, most radiant skin that is bright and glowing with no tightness or dryness.  My skin is ready for the next wave of products to test out!

Origins is available to buy in Arnotts and Boots, Liffey Valley.  I'll check the price of the mask but I think it's around the €20-€23 range, well worth it in my opinion.

What's your favourite mask ladies?  Tell us all!


  1. I love these masks too. I tried them several times and think they are great despite looking slighty scary when applied.

    Great photographs !

  2. Oh Karen! Your Photos! I just Laughed out Loud at that last pic! LOVE your work Hunny!

    I must look for this one. My Skin could do with a bit of de-gunking...

  3. Sounds like my congested skin needs this! *adds to shopping list*

  4. Sounds like I need to give this mask a try, my skin is so congested at the moment.

    Love the photos btw.

  5. Oh how ace! That is so funny thanks for posting pictures!

  6. haha, thanks for the photographs!! The last one really made me laugh! This is a fab review!! I've been experiencing major problems with blackheads and pores on my face lately and I think this'll so the job perfectly! It's not horribly overpriced either! xx

  7. I love this mask too my skin always feels clean ...really clean after I use it

  8. /sounds like a great buy! I've got same large pores on nose and lady breakouts..find dermalogica skin refining mask to be doing wonders so far!!

    Great pictures!!! :-)

  9. LOL "the satisfaction of doing this" picture cracked me up... as I'm sitting here with this mask on my face! haha. Great review.


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