Monday, January 16, 2012

Avon Smoke and Mirrors collection - first look and swatches

January has been a long month so far, I mean, it feels like Christmas was ages ago!  We're all broke and waiting for payday and need something to look forward to.  Enter Avon.  Launching in February, the Limited Edition Smoke and Mirrors Collection is filled with subtle colours and vibrant shades to add a bit of oomph to our make up collections and help us get through the winter months.

There are two palettes in the collection, the first of which is Smoke and Mirrors (€11).  Containing four complimentary shades, this subtle palette can take you from day to night depending on how heavy handed you decide to be.  The swatches below are without a primer.  As you can see, the lightest shade isn't too pigmented but I'm planning on giving it a go with a base and see how I go.  I think the purple shimmery shadow looks a bit like MAC's Trax and I've swatched them side by side and they're pretty similar.

The second palette in the collection is called Mystery (€11) and contains the most gorgeous coral eye shadow ever.  The rose gold eyeshadow on the top right of the quad doesn't show up much on my arm but just let me at it with a base!  A bronze shadow and lilac one complete the sunset quartet.

There are two SuperShock Gel Eyeliners (€8) in the collection and they are both stunning.  They made me break my rule of not swatching make up until I've taken photos of it!  First up is the shade Blackberry.  Just look at it.  The big swatch is of it in sunlight.  I wanted to show you how much dimension it has and it's one of my favourite liners ever.  It has the same consistency as the other SuperShock liners and they stay put.  I did a quick test of 40 minutes on a crosstrainer with this on and it didn't budge!  Behold Blackberry...

Golden Fawn is the second SuperShock Gel Eyeliner and is just as stunning as Blackberry.  It's a champagne metallic eyeliner that brightens up the eye immediately, especially when worn on the waterline or inner corner. Just gorgeous ladies...

There are two Nailwear Pro Nail Enamels (€8) in the collection, Star and Apricot Mystery, which is shown below.  I currently have this on my nails right now and will review it when I get some daylight!  Needless to say, it's a vibrant apricot/peach cream nail polish that will make my Top 10 summer polishes, I just know it.

There are three lipsticks in the collection, pictured below.  From left to right is Nude and Infused, Apricot Mystery and Purple Hazed, all retailing at €9.

In the tube, Nude and Infused looked like it was going to be really dark, bronzey and metallic and I wasn't sure I was going to like it.  However, when applied, the pink in my lips turned it into a gorgeous rose gold shade that looks more glossy than metallic and was a real surprise to me!  Is it terrible that I'm already thinking this will be lovely with a tan in the summer?

Second up is Apricot Mystery and my favourite of the trio.  Creamy, glossy and pigmented without being over the top, this has my name written all over it.  Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Last up is Purple Hazed.  Again, looking at the tube, I thought this lipstick was going to be hideously frosty but thankfully it was creamy and glossy like the other two.  I've never worn a purple lipstick before and am excited to try incorporating it into a make up look to show you all. 

To order a brochure, click here and fill in your details.  Or go over to their Facebook page for more information!

I'll be reviewing these properly soon but couldn't wait to show you everything first.  Does anything stand out to you so far?  What would you like me to review first?


  1. The eyeliners are just completely gorgeous! They tookcmy breath away. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'll be having those liners yespleaseandthankyouverymuch. That Purple Hazed looks like the nudey I've been looking for too, would love to hear how it wears. :)

  3. The eyeliners are divine! Those and the nail colour would be my faves from the collection I think xo

  4. The eyeliners look Fab Karen! Might have to order a couple myself!

  5. You're right, seems like Christmas wasn't there at all for me! I'm still waiting for it!

    This collection looks good, but I will wait to see if you get the eyeshadows to show up more with a base. I like the look of the eyeliners.

  6. Amyboo - me too! I was like a lunatic at my desk at work scribbling all over my hands!

    CherrySue - the liners be gorgeous youareallowedthemalldontyouknow! will keep you posted on the lippie

    SweetLikeJelly - couldn't agree more!

    Emma - I'm the same as you, loving the Apricot lippie too :)

    Jacinta - Do, they're gorgeous, I have Golden Fawn on this morning as an inner corner highlight and it's lovely

    Ms Bubu - I'll have a play with the shadows this week with different bases and brushes and go from there. The swatches I have here were done with my finger and the sponge applicators so I'll have a play and see what I come up with, the shades are too gorgeous in the pan for me not to try to make work!

  7. Very much liking the Smoke & Mirrors palette, and the liners!!!
    10 days to wait before payday, 10 days...

  8. I think I would leave the eyeshadows but as you know I am a big fan of supershock liner and I have found that brown is less harsh on the eyes...... Come to me my pretty ... I'll have to get the would be rude not to

  9. Wow; this whole collection is lovely!!! Beautiful swatches. ^-^

  10. I absolutely neeeeeeed the lipstick (2nd one) and both eyeliners.

  11. I love the eyeliners, they are just amazing! BTW thanks for the swatches, now I do have some idea of what to order from the collection.

  12. @mcmademoisellelikes - 10 days, you can do it!!

    @Mags - the Blackberry liner is shot through with dark wine and is just stunning, I'll bring them with moi tomorrow night and show you in person :)

    Ashesela - It's a lovely, well put together collection isn't it?

    cakeinthecountry - You have great taste, what can I say :)

    mayasmum - glad to be of help with the swatches, I think it's important to see swatches when you're buying products online or without testing them out yourself. I search for swatches of products myself when seeing what I want to buy! Let me know what you get in the end :)

  13. OMG! This is gorgeous, I want everything. :) I accidently found your blog and I'm happy because we share love for Avon. :D Have you seen the mint nail polish?

  14. Thanks for the great pictures.

    I now have to buy the Smoke And Mirrors palette, both eyeliners and the lipstick in Apricot Mystery!

  15. Can't wait to get my hands on these! They'll be launched here in the Philippines on the second half of March, but since I'm an Avon lady, I can purchase these beauties as early as now. The colors are absolutely stunning!

    Now a follower of your blog! :)

  16. Oh my goodness. I know it's Limited Edition and it most definitely won't be there anymore but I WANT! Do they have colors this pretty in the permanent selection?


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