Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Confessions of a beauty blogger

I thought it was time I come clean and give you the lowdown on my beauty bad habits, well, some of them anyway!  I hope you'll still want to visit after what you are about to read....

I use 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner.  There, I said it.  I know this is frowned upon in the beauty world, but ladies, I wash my hair every day.  Sometimes on the days I don't wash it, I use my Batiste dry shampoo but I don't like using this all the time.  It's grand when you're stuck but I don't like to depend on it.  Now that I've started working out, I'm back to washing my hair every day and yes, I like to be lazy and use 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner.  So does Joanne.  And we've seen what her hair looks like!  Pantene is our go to 2 in 1 and we always buy a couple of bottles when they're on special offer and stock up.  We're using this one at the moment and it leaves my hair really shiny and healthy looking.  We love it.  The End.

I could write a book on the trauma I put my nails through... My poor nails.  I really don't take care of them at all.  When I'm stressed, I bite them and nibble at the skin around them or at my cuticles, I know, it's terrible, I can't help it.  My nails have been splitting and peeling quite a bit for months now but no matter what I use, it doesn't work.  That's mainly because when I take my polish off, my nails are dry and I peel them some more. The poor things never have a chance to grow properly and I haven't had long nails in yonks.

I've mentioned this on Twitter before, but one of my worst habits is peeling nail polish off.  Oh but it's so satisfying when I can get it all off in one go!  It leaves my nails in tatters and yet I continue to do it, what is wrong with me?!  My last nail confession is pure laziness on my behalf.  I don't always remove my nail polish, even when they're chipped to bits.  I wrote about my nail shame here, but do you think I've learned my lesson and stopped doing it?  No.  I'll go hang my head in shame now...

I think (hope) that my next confession is one that a lot of you ladies will relate to.  I don't always take my make up off before going to bed, especially if I've been out at the weekend.  During the week I'm better because I have a shower every night, but give me a few drinks and I come in and face plant the pillow.  Regarding mid-week make up removal, I have cut out using wipes and my skin loves me for it, so if there's one thing you can take away from this post, it's to cut out the wipes!  You will thank me for it.

Finally we have the job I hate the most in the beauty world.  I am so bad at cleaning my make up brushes.  So I hardly ever do it.  I know, I'm surprised I haven't been struck down with mad eye infections, but I have no excuse.  Laziness is all it is.  It's so boring and takes ages and takes a lot of space when trying to dry them, excuses excuses.   When I do get off my behind and actually do it, I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo for deep cleaning and MAC's brush cleanser for spot cleaning.

 I'll do it this weekend, OK?....

So what are your beauty bad habits ladies?  Don't leave me hanging on my own here, sharing is caring!


  1. Oh goodness, this post reminds me of me! XD

    I kinda rip through my tangles in my hair (I have fine hair so it tangles a lot) when I should be gentle with it, and I get a lot of split ends.

    I don't always remove my makeup before going to bed.

    I don't moisturize as often as I should, and sometimes (a lot!) I take the shortcut and slather body lotion on my hands and wipe the excess on my neck and face instead of using products specifically for the delicate skin.

    I rarely wear sunscreen (but I also rarely go in the sunlight, lol).

    I rarely clean makeup brushes. :D

    I pick mascara off of my lashes and oftentimes take my lashes out along with the clumps.

    I only brush my teeth once a day and rarely floss(but had my first cavity only about 5 years ago and my teeth are in pretty good shape!)

    I am sometimes too tired to brush my teeth before bed so I go to sleep and plan on brushing my teeth in the morning but tend to forget so I do it the next evening. (I know!! >.<!)

    I push my cuticles back with my nails and sometimes peel off my nail polish instead of using remover to get it off.

    I peel hangnails back but they tug a lot and get really irritated and torn.

    I keep forgetting to wash my bellybutton.

    Hmmm what else...lol.

    Also, my lips are ALWAYS dry (I literally have to have stuff on them all the time to make them seem normal) and are always peeling, and I pick off the dead skin and sometimes tear my lips until they bleed.

    I'm sure I have more beauty blunders, but these are what I could think of right now.

    Oh yeah! I don't eat properly, don't exercise enough and I smoke! Yikes!

  2. I actually gasped at the first one, cannot imagine using a 2 in 1! I always shampoo and condition every day, then a mask every few days. Your so lucky to get away with one product.

    I abuse my my nails too, as you've probably seen in NOTD posts. Like ribbons they are.


  3. Ashesela - I love that I'm not alone in my beauty confessions! I must say, my lips are always dry and cracked too and I hate that feeling so end up picking at the skin too, ugh

    Lorraine - I know! I think that was the one that made me write the post hehe Now I don't use it every day, maybe every second day and I do like doing hair masks too as a treat. It's just convenience pour moi and I'm lucky that it makes my hair feel lovely :)

  4. Hi ya!

    Thank God I'm not the only offender!! - I'm so bad at taking my face off at night time. I always say I'll start this week but skip nights here and there. You've inspired me now so I'll make the effort.

    Great post.

  5. K, I'd use a 2 in 1 if I could but my hair is dry and needs a lot of conditioning. I'm bad at taking my makeup off if I've been out, but I'm better if I have Liz Earle's C&P on hand cos I find it quick and satisfying to use. I'm terrible for fidgeting with my hair and trying to detangle it with my fingers - I tear it without even realising I'm doing it. I overpluck my eyebrows too - I try to let them grow and then in a moment of weakness I attack them. I'm lazier than I should be about applying nail polish and handcream and I don't wash my brushes as much as I should either! xo

  6. Lee_H - I think a lot of us ladies forget at some point or another to take our make up off at night :) I'm getting better at it but sometimes it's just such an effort!!

    Emma - I'm a hair-messer-wither as well, I end up tying it back every day at work because it drives me demented! I've tried to stop overplucking my brows since Bushra at The Body Shop said one was thinner than the other!

  7. I like to see that kind of post! Makes a break from all those "I'm so perfect" ones where people are patronizing (I'm not saying you do that, I just mean in general).

    I don't always remove makeup at night.

    I pick at my bruises or spots.

    I clean my makeup brushes when I feel like it.

    I use old makeup (really old).

    I think that's it!

  8. I'm a polish peeler too. And I don't even understand what buffing and cuticle oils are about!

    I never leave conditioner on long enough.

    I shave my legs for ultra special occassions only (get waxed over the summer tho so its not too bad).

    I really need to take care of the soles of my feet but don't.

    I often dry shave under my arms if I'm in a hurry in the morning and my outfit necessitates it.

    I've only just started body exfoliation and moisturising and still find it hard to remember/bother.

    Phew- feels good to get that off my chest!

  9. You should try a Lush 2 in 1 shampoo bar, it'd be better for your hair! Pantene use sulphates and all the nasty stuff. :( Love this idea, might do one myself.. inspired :P we all have bad beauty habits hehe!

  10. @Ms Bubu - glad you enjoyed the post :) I'm the same with messing with spots, so annoying! And I do have some make up that is verrrrry old :) I'm a collector, what can I say!

    @SweetLikeJelly - I try to be good to my cuticles when I put lip balm on and put whatever's left on my fingers onto the cuticles, but then that's it! I also dry shave, forgot bout that one ;P

    @Leanne - Ooh I'm a hoooge fan of Lush shampoo bars, must check out their 2 in 1 one, fanks! And go forth and be inspired, share with the world ;P

  11. Hear Hear Karen!!
    I might take this opportunity to confess to picking any spot or scab (yes I know it's disgusting).
    My legs see some kind of hair removal only when I know they will be on show, the rest of the time hairs keep me warm.
    I only rarely wash my makeup brushes.
    Even if people say you should always finish your hair cleaning session by a blast of cold water there's no way I can do it.
    I spend ages in the shower or in the bath because it makes me feel good.
    I am guilty of only throwing away products that I hate from the beginning, otherwise I have eyeshadows in my bathroom that have been there for years (even one that dates from before I moved to Ireland).
    And quite a few others...
    You should rename this post "The Confessional for ye beauty sinners"

  12. i am lately just shampooing hair and putting in orofluido.. its that magic

    my not removing makeup properly probably caused my eye cyst...which still lingers slightly

    i spot clean ahem ...brushes with baby wipes... magic

  13. Hi Kettle. My Name is Pot.

    I wash my hair twice a week if its lucky. If its not it gets stuck into a pony tail until I can deal with it. This is the reason shampoo lasts me 6 months.

    I hate brushing my teeth at night. It interferes with my in-bed-lindt-chocolate-ball-bed-time-treat. But I make sure to swish with water after, so I am redeemed. I also grind my teeth.

    I only Shave my legs if I think the hubs might complain, and if I want to get "frisky" with him, but he never notices (good lord please don't let him see this!!!!!)

    I find putting cream on after a shower a total chore. so I only do the bits that itch like mad it I don't.

    I often forget to tone.

    I am a terrible picker. I fiddle with my hair, and I can't stop touching my face.

    Now I am off to find out what the beauty equivalent is of 10 "hail Mary's" its probably something like washing your brushes. Or hair.

  14. @mcmademoisellelikes - i'm with you on the hair removal, god, if i actually named everything i did, nobody would ever read this again eheh

    @Mags - I must dig out the aul orofluido again and let me help my locks again :) I have been known to spot clean brushes on wipes too...

    @Girlwiththeskew-earring - you cracked me up with your responses hehehe and yes, i agree, 10 hail marys is like washing 10 make up brushes, shudder...

  15. Thank you Karen and everyone for helping me feel normal!
    Up until my 30th i never really took off makeup before going to bed and sometimes, *gasp*, I put moisturiser over said makeup which was still on my face...I'm better now...only cos' I'm worried about wrinklies!
    Very seldom shave my legs - only if I'm getting them out...
    Underarms could go without attention for quite a while.
    I'll blame the other half who doesn't like keeping stuff in the shower and regularly takes out all my stuff (read razor) which I don't realise isn't there till I want to use it! Not shufflin' across bathroom for it then!
    Oh, and I'm a picker ... an obsessed picker...
    Give up yer 'auld beauty sins :D

  16. I almost never use lotion, I'm surprised I'm not as scaly as a fish by now. Also I never clean my brushes either.

  17. @Shellyti - Course you're normal! I'm so glad that so many ladies left comments so we can all relax a bit knowing we all have bad beauty habits :)

    @Beauty on a College budget - same here, I had to lash some lotion on last night because my elbows were actuall sore with the dryness, ugh!


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