Thursday, January 19, 2012

Liz Earle skincare review

I've spoken about my night cream, eye cream and now it's time for chats about my day cream!  For the past few months I've been testing out Liz Earle's Skin Repair Light Moisturiser and Instant Boost Skin Tonic anc can't believe I haven't reviewed it yet.  I've made it my mission to nudge you all into taking better care of your skin after I decided to do the same last September.

The Liz Earle team asked me if I'd like to try out the moisturiser and tonic and having having much love for the Cleanse & Polish and Superskin Concentrate, I took them up on their kind offer.  They asked what type of skin I have to make sure they sent me the right one for my skin, bonus!  Behold my skin care products that I love.

I need to tell you about the Instant Boost Skin Tonic first.  I'm not a big toner user, but this was love at first whiff.  It smells amazing.  End of.  It's floral and light and is an absolute joy to use.  Liz Earle, I would be your best friend if you had this in perfume form.  It is alcohol-free and contains calendula, chamomile, cucumber and vitamin E to soothe and refresh the skin without drying it out.  I love using it to freshen up my skin when wearing no make up.  But now that I've started working out in the evenings, my face is purple a lot.  So after my shower, I love to sweep a cotton pad drenched in this all over my skin to help cool my poor visage down.  Love this and will purchase myself.  The 200 ml bottle is a very reasonable €13.75 and you can buy it here.  While getting that link for you there, I've discovered that you can buy a spritzer bottle too for €14!  That will be mine thank you very much.

The Skin Repair Light Moisturiser is exactly that; a light moisturiser for the day time for us combination/oily skinned ladies.  I don't like anything too heavy on my face during the day, I leave that job for my night cream.  It has a little pump dispenser that dispenses the weeniest amount of moisturiser, so I end up using three to four pumps each time.  It absorbs easily into my skin with no residue, no clogged pores, no shine, just smooth, soft skin.  I'm left with a perfect base to then cover with loads of make up!  It contains borage oil, echinacea, hops, avocado oil and vitamiin E that help moisturise, protect and balance your skin, leaving a lovely glow.  A 50 ml pump will set you back €20.50 and this is lasting me ages.  There are other moisturisers depending on skin type that you can find here, so choose whichever one you like!

Would I recommend these?  Most heartily.  They've been a welcome addition to my skin care routine and sure ladies, it's Liz Earle, she knows what she's talking about.  Would I purchase them myself?  Absolutely and I will.  I have a few different skin care ranges I'm testing out so when that's over, I'll be stocking up on these again.

You can buy Liz Earle products online here or in Wild & Greene in Milltown.


  1. So glad these are working for you Karen.

    I'm planning on picking up the Superskin Concentrate at the weekend, I said I'd try it after reading your review but was waiting to finish my rosehip oil first.

  2. Hey Missy,

    I haven't tried it out myself but when Liz Earle launched their perfume they said the scent was based on their skin tonic! I've been wanting to get it for an age too because I also love the tonic smell. Just have to get through some of the perfume stash first!

  3. Great review! I've heard loads about Liz Earle skincare, so I must definitely try it out!

  4. I'm not a toner person either, but I like the sound of this. I've also been a bit iffy about Liz Earle, but I'm always keeping an open mind...

  5. I'm not a toner person either, and I think the only one I have ever finished was this one!
    Smells lovely and I find it actually complements the cleanse &polish. Alas, I never seem to remember to order either before I run out, and make up with replacements!

  6. I've heard such amazing things about this!

    Thanks for the review. I never use toner!


  7. Liz Earle is a best beauty product; it gives skin a natural glow.

  8. Liz Earle skincare products are looking natural. I must buy for my own use...
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