Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The post that you should send (accidentally on purpose) to your loved one for Valentine's Day gift ideas!

One of my friends at work, Una, inspired me to put this wee little post together for you.  She comes into my office every day to ask what I'll be blogging about the following day and yesterday she asked if I'd anything coming up on Valentine's Day.  She said her boyfriend gets her chocolates every year but she's trying to be good and not eat too much crap.  Immediately I thought of The Body Shop's Chocomania range that is out just in time for the big V Day and she begged that I email him the link.  So here's an even better one Una, lots of ideas for Aidan!

First up is The Body Shop's Chocomania Range.  You can use as much of it as you like and not put on a pound!  Joanne and I are big chocolate fans and now we get to indulge, guilt free....   Here are some of the products from the range.

Left: Chocomania Body Scrub (€18.95).  Top right: Chocomania Body Lotion (€13.50).  Bottom right: Chocomania Shower Cream (€8.95).

There's also a Body Butter (€18.95), Lip Butter (€7.50) and Soap (€3.95) that completes the collection.  The Body Butter is described as "the most lavish body butter from The Body Shop to date" so it sounds pretty amazing doesn't it?  Unless you don't like chocolate.  Then this is lost on you.  But fear not, we have more gift ideas for you non choccy lovers!

Sally Hansen have compiled The Cupid Colour Collection featuring four pretty, girly colours that'll give you "the loving feeling".  Now, Joanne and I are mahoosive fans of the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure range and couldn't wait to show you these little beauties.  Coming in at €8.95, there's a shade for everyone for Valentine's Day, ranging from bubblegum pink to the deep wine shade of Red Zin.  Love these.
L-R: Back to the Fuschia, I Pink I Can, Red Zin, Right Said Red.

Finally, to complete this installment of present ideas for Valentine's Day, we have Lush goodies.  It wouldn't be V Day without them!  Let's take a look shall we?

Top left: The Leap Frog Bath Ballistic (€3.50).  A wink and a nod to the fact that this is a leap year, geddit? this little froggy has the scent of jasmine, sandlewood, ylang ylang, rose and neroli and you know what?  All I have to hear is the word jasmine and I know that this frog will be in my bath very soon.  There's a limited number of these little guys that have a secret message in them to help pop the question!

Middle Left: Love Potion massage bar (€7.50).  Containing shea butter and cocoa butter, this little bottle shaped massage bar will set the mood folks, fragranced with the Love perfume scent.

Bottom Left: Magic Mushroom bubble bar (€3.00).  This is a dinky strawberry and vanilla scented bubble bar that will give you mountains of bubbles in the only way that Lush can!

Middle: 25.43 perfume (€35.00/30 ml, €16.25/10ml).  This is a wedding perfume created by Mark Constantine (ooh I wonder are we related!) that has a lime tonka top note, litsea, lemongrass and lemon myrtle as the middle notes and finishing with vanilla and ylang ylang.  It took our possible relative *ahem* (Constantine is a very rare name in these neck of the woods), 25.43 minutes to create this scent and I can't wait to get a whiff of it!

Top Right: A Million Kisses Lip Tint (€6.25) is a rose scented rosy red lip tint giving lots of moisture with a delicate tint.  It can also be used on the cheeks for a flush of colour.

Bottom Right: Sweetheart soap (€3.75/100g).  This is too cute!  Looking like one of those dinky love heart sweets, it's fragranced with jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang and vanilla and contains essential oils, so you can clean your bits and smell lovely in the process!

Last but not least is Lush's gift boxes and they've something for everyone here from the girly girls to the boys so let's take a closer look.

Top left: Lots of Love mini hatbox (€29.95).  First of all, the hatbox is too cute for words.  Second of all, this contains a lot of stuff so here goes!  It has Sex Bomb bath ballistic, Leap Frog bath ballistic, Magic Mushroom bubble bar, Sweetheart soap, Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and Sweet Lips lip scrub.

Top right: Dirty gift (€17.95).  It's a known fact that boys are dirty, so they should be happy to receive this complete grooming set.  Each of the products in the box has it's own scent and when they're all used together, the combined scents make up the full Dirty fragrance.  This is genius!  And a grand way to make the boys take care of themselves, you want to smell nice Mr?  Use all your bits there!

Bottom left: P.S. I Love You (€23.50).  Here we have a box full of rosemantical goodies without the bad Irish accent from Gerard Butler.  This contains Sweetheart soap, It's Raining Men shower gel, Soft Coeur massage bar and *ahem* Silky Underwear dusting powder.... If anyone knows what Silky Underwear dusting powder is, please leave a comment because my mind is racing now!

Bottom right: Do Knot Disturb (€23.50).  This knotted up scarf contains the French Kiss bubble bar, Dirty toothy tabs, Lust soap (which I need to smell, it's jasminey) and Soft Coeur massage bar and is finished off with a Do Knot Disturb sign for your door!  This is really dinky and will be available year round as it's what you'd need for a (dirty) weekend away!

So ladies, feel free to Facebook, Tweet, email this link to your loved ones to give them very subliminal ideas of what they can get you for Valentine's Day!


  1. Its like a body shimmer thing


  2. I love the sound of the Chocomania line! Yes, maybe I will send the link to my boyfriend!

  3. I'm sending this to myself, Immediately!!


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