Monday, February 27, 2012

Ombre nails

As you know, I have an insane number of nail polishes in my collection.  Way more than the average beauty lover should have and yet I buy more all the time.  No idea why.  It's an addiction but the way I see it, I could be addicted to worse things, eh?  So, in a move to justify having a squillion nail polishes and in the hopes that some day I'll finish a bottle, I decided to use five in one go and give myself an Ombre manicure.  These were the chosen five.

L-R: OPI Miami Beet, Sally Hansen Back to the Fuchsia, Barry M Bright Pink, OPI I Think In Pink and NYC Oh SoHo Sweet.

For those that don't have a baldy notion what Ombre nails are, it's basically using five different shades of the same colour and painting each nail with a different polish, going from light to dark, comme ca!

I went with shades of pink so that the girls at work wouldn't think I was too demented.  In reality, I'd wanted to do it with green polishes but I didn't have enough shades in the collection if you can believe that.  I have countless pink polishes, I'm not going to count them for fear you will I am truly insane.  But yes, green, green ombre would be mighty fine for Saint Patrick's Day, no?

I really rather like my first ombre attempt!

Go forth and try ombre-ing your nails and get ready for people to say "eh, how come you have different nail polishes on".  They won't get it, but fellow beauty lovers, we get it, don't we?



  1. Ooo so pretty I love thr Sally Hansen one

  2. This is soo adorable! I am def going to try this :)

  3. " They won't get it, but fellow beauty lovers, we get it, don't we?"
    HAHA! So true.. I once painted 2 different (but harmonious) shades on each hand and many people asked me why they weren't the same =_="

  4. I love this! I especially love the NYC shade, I've been so drawn to pinky nudes at the minute.


  5. Love the OPI baby pink shade! lovely

  6. Yesss! I did ombre nails a while ago and everyone in work was all "why are your nails all different colours?" So behind the times...

  7. I've been doing this more and more lately, the questions are getting less though. Maybe peeps just accept that I'm nuts. GREAT colours together!

  8. Ombre nails always rock luv, I'm going to do a green mani for St. Patricks too!


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