Thursday, February 16, 2012

YSL Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow pencil review

Last year I was given one of these brow pencils, loved it, lost it, and had to buy another one when I came home from Spain last year.  It retails at €24.50 and while it's on the spendy side, it's a proper investment in my opinion.  I've tried cheaper brow pencils and they've either been too soft or too hard but this is the Goldilocks of eyebrow pencils.

There's a spoolie on one end and the pencil on the other.  Shade 2 is my perfect match, taupe with a hint of ashiness to it.  I don't like shades that have any red tints to them, a cooler shade works better for me.

I decided to show you what you can do with it and create two different looks on each of my brows.  The top photo is my brows in their natural state, I know, you can barely see them!

On the left I created a really soft and natural brow and on the right I created a brow with a more tapered shape at the ends.  I'm frightened of really strong brows on me.  I can't see myself being brave enough to tint mine let alone get HD brows, I mean, there's no takesie backsies when you dye your eyebrows!  So I'm happy with my YSL pencil, very happy indeed.

This pencil is one of a kind.  It stays put all day, gives my brows the perfect amount of colour and shape and I shall repurchase many times no doubt, dare I say this is my Holy Grail eye brow pencil?  I think I do!

What's your favourite eyebrow product folks?



  1. This looks great Karen, gives definition to the brows but is still natural.

  2. Looks fab K, normally I use a Clarins brow powder but it's running out (have had it about a year and a half!) xo

  3. That looks so so natural, you wouldn't know you had anything on! I am a powder and brush kinda gal I must admit.


  4. That's really nice, it's tricky to find inexpensive eyebrow pencils that aren't red toned. I'm devoted to Laura Mercier eyebrow pencil in blonde. Great buildable colour.


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