Thursday, March 15, 2012

La Bougie Sweet Pea & Pear candle

This week, Irish company La Bougie sent me one of their candles to try out and I couldn't wait to tell you about it.  I chose one of the three scents they have on offer, Sweet Pea and Pear, to try out as it's coming into Spring and I love fresh, garden scents during these months.  If it's miserable out, I can still pretend the summer is coming with light, refreshing scented candles!

As I mentioned above, La Bougie have two other scents that accompany Sweet Pea and Pear, Cox & Carnation and Rockrose & Oudh.  They pride themselves on taking the time to create scents using the finest essential oils and ingredients and have their own Perfumer on hand to create them.  From start to finish, each candle's life journey goes through 30 different processes to get into your hands and even the packaging shows the level of detail involved.

Each glass is carved, painted and polished by craftsmen and each scent has it's own differently coloured logo on the front of the glass so you can tell the difference between them.  The candle is wrapped in lightly scented tissue paper, placed in an embossed bag, complete with individual tag and a ribbon keeping the bag closed.  You can start to smell the candle before it's even been taken out of the bag!

The high quality of ingredients used allow for a clean burning candle, so no black deposit on the glass which just looks messy.  I burned this last night and was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as sweet as I thought it was going to be.  It has a more garden like scent to it and filled the room with a lovely aroma that made us believe that Spring was a coming!

There's a little card that comes with the candles to tell you how to get the best from your candle, for example, did you know when lighting a candle for the first time, you should let it burn so that the wax melts all the way to the edge of the glass container?  This means it will burn evenly and not just in the centre.  Handy or what?

Each candle comes in three sizes, Valise (€25), Salon (€35) and Longere (€50).  I was sent a Valise sized one which they describe as being a perfect travelling companion.  I love the idea of bringing a candle away with me, am packing this bad boy up next time I stay over at mam's!

Click here to learn more and visit the La Bougie website or click here to visit their Facebook page.  It's mother's day in Ireland this Sunday the 18th of March and if you order by 2pm today, your order will be delivered by Friday, just in time to give your lovely mammy.  

I'm really happy to be finding out more about different Irish companies and brands, last week was Sudocrem and I have a good one lined up for next week!


  1. This sounds gorgeous and love the packaging!

  2. Sounds absolutely divine. I'm similar to you, I love fresh garden scents this time of year. I just finished a Yankee White Gardenia in record time, and have been eyeing up other fresh floral candles. I think I know where my next purchase will be from!

    Thanks for the great review Karen :D

  3. Sweet pea is one of mah faves! Love finding out handy hints too - will be a pro at candle lighting henceforth, forthwith! ;)

  4. Absolutely love scented candles but had never heard these tips before, thanks for educating me! xo


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