Thursday, March 22, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr photos and swatches

I feel like this post should have music.  Like the music that the X Factor judges walk out on stage to.  You know the one I mean, so feel free to "la la la la" away while looking at the photos.  

They're finally here.  After what seems like an age and much torture for those of us who have been drooling over our US blogger's posts on the Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr, I have three beautiful shades in my possession.  Last Friday I went to my local Superdrug and saw they had them on the stand, but I wasn't in my right mind and didn't pick them up.  I blame The Lady Pains for my lack of enthusiasm and appreciation that they were right in front of me, I just needed to go home at that stage.  However, yesterday I was in the full of my health and inspired by Mags' post on the bronze and turquoise one, I drove to Superdrug on the way home from work, convinced that they'd be out of them!  On Friday they had the bronze, gold and turquoise ones in stock, however yesterday, they had these ones and since they were 3 for 2, I snapped them up for €6.15 each.  Just over €12 for three sturdy little glass pots of eyeshadow, not bad Karen, not bad.

First up is Immortal Charcoal, a mid toned grey with what looks like a green undertone to it when I swatched it.  It has teeny bits of silver shimmer running through it and is buildable on first inspections.

I used my finger to apply the swatches below and totally forgot my rule of not sticking my finger into anything without photographing it...  That sounded weird... You know what I meant.  Using a brush will result in a sheer application but will also make it easier to build up the product.  I think Immortal Charcoal will be a shade I'll use in the outer corner to add smokiness to a look.

Immortal Charcoal: No flash (left), flash (right).

Second on the list is Eternal Gold, a shimmering gold shade that is a beautiful colour for everyday wear.

Eternal Gold is a sheer shade that can be used as a wash of colour to brighten up the eyes, or packed on by patting it on the eyelid, giving you a more opaque finish.  This is one of those shades that you can swipe on the lids and run out the door and not worry too much about.

Eternal Gold: No flash (left), flash (right).
Finally is the most exciting of the three shades I picked.  It's called Endless Purple except I can't make that stick in my head.  So for the rest of the post, I'll be calling it what comes naturally to me; Purple Nurple.

Just looking at Purple Nurple in the pot gets me excited and inspired to play with my make up.  It just looks so vivid and bright and Springy.  However, Purple Nurple is also a hoor to photograph properly.  On my arm it's the most violet/purple shimmery colour, but in photos it looks more blue, which nearly drove me demented.  It's also the most patchy of the three shades when applying, but I learned to apply a sheer layer, let it dry for a few seconds and then keep adding layers until you reach the level of opacity you want.  

Endless Purple/Purple Nurple: No flash (left), flash (right).
I can't wait to get stuck into these ladies and stay tuned for some make up looks featuring these little pots of beautifulness.  I'll let you know how they old up but I can tell you now, I won't be leaving anything on my eyes for 24 hours!  If they'd had the taupe one, it would have come home with me in a heartbeat.  Of all the shades that I've seen online, it was the one that made me want them all.  Thankfully for my purse, we're only getting seven of the ten shades released in America.  

Keep an eye out for these in April folks, or if you've a Superdrug nearby, now!


  1. ohhhh I like the look of these...are they like MAC paintpots...xx

    1. They're similar in texture but I'll do a full comparison soon for the craic

  2. I think I just drooled on my keyboard. Immortal Charcoal, you sexy little bugger, you will be mine! xo

  3. Full disclosure ... It was Sile post she is the girl who got them - although I nicked the blue one an have it on me now .. I want purple nurple

    1. I will totes update the post later will full credit to the lovely Sile! I was obviously drooling over the photos to look who actually wrote the post, doh!

  4. Oh just to add the stands are in boots now but they don't have the stock boo

  5. GORGEOUS! I need these in my life, STAT! Photos are stunning too Karen :D

  6. And now I want them MORE!

    Gorgeous picks, Lady, will be even more eagle eyed in the hunt for them now :)

  7. Wow these are fab colours, so vibrant!

  8. These look soooo good, can't wait til payday!! Also, love the word hoor. LOL.


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