Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My new brushes from Crown Brush

On Sunday I went to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS with my good pals CherrySue, Sile and Mags where we did quite a bit of damage in the nail polish stands, but more on that later in the week.

I did go with the intent of visiting the Crown Brush stand in particular after hearing so many great things about them from other bloggers.  I decided to play it smart and had some chats with myself.  I said "Karen, you have millions of brushes.  You seem to have a weird affection for fluffy blending brushes and spend your No 7 vouchers on them all the time.  You hate cleaning them, we've established that and yet you want more.  OK, if you insist on buying more brushes, you are allowed to only buy flat eyeshadow brushes, deal?"  So what did I buy?

Three fluffy brushes....

I just thought they were so cute and cheap as chips, I think the three of them came to around €14 or so.  Let's look at bit closer at my brushes that were supposed to be flat shader ones but are in fact fluffy.  This does not make me love them any less.  In fact, I may or may not have sat on my couch when I got home, placed each brush on my eyelid and tested them out to show my sister... I may or may not be doing the same thing now...

First one is the BK30 Badger Blending Fluff brush and is €4.03 on the Crown Brush website.  It has really silky soft bristles and can be used for either applying eyeshadow to the lid or blending out the edges.  If using this brush to pack colour on to the eyelid, I'd recommend loading the black part of the brush up with colour and then patting it onto the eyelid, otherwise you'll have eyeshadow everywhere and that's not a good look.  If it's too late and you're running out the door with eyeshadow all over the place, just tell people that you were going for an editorial look today, that'll shut them right up.

Second up is the C428 Deluxe Duo Fibre shader brush and is €6.19.  This just looked cute and I've only ever had a duo fibre face brush.  So this was popped into my basket.  It's made with both natural and synthetic fibres and the white part is much thinner than the black part.  I used it last night to apply shadow onto my lid and it worked like a dream.  I think it would work beautifully with cream products too, just because of how delicate the white hairs are.

For ages I've been wanting to get something like the discontinued MAC 225 blending brush and this one is pretty close.  The BK13 Blending Fluff brush (€3.13) will be perfect to apply a wash of colour over the lid or to blend the edges and is made with sable.  This is less silky soft than the other two but I think it's my early favourite.  It's big enough so I can use it to powder my skin if need be as well.

So yes, they're not what I was aiming to get but I love them all.  The only thing is, now I have three more brushes to clean and we all know how much I hate doing that job!

Have you ever tried Crown Brushes?  What would you recommend me to try next (and don't say fluffy brushes)?

Check out the Crown Brush website here.


  1. Why didn't info back to get the royal brush that felt so soft ?? Prob cause I spent all my money and I already have a ton of brushes ... Right next time we will have a budget for each section brushes ... Nails... Creams... Hair

  2. "Just tell people you were going for an editorial look today" - I LOVED this, I laughed so much reading it! I like top one the best, based purely on aesthetic reasons obviously. :D



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