Monday, April 16, 2012

Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara

Avon's SuperExtend Extreme Mascara is the latest offering from the brand that brought us SuperShock gel liner in Blackberry, one of my favourite products of the year so far and one that I'll be stocking up on too before it's gone!  Jackie Tyson was in Dublin last month toe launch of the ProNailwear whatever it's called, along with the SuperExtend Extreme Mascara.  She had it on and I had to remark on the length of her lashes, they were so long!

"With energy-charged magnetic fibres, the ultra lengthening formula is instantly attracted to lashes, leaving them looking up to 87% longer".  I like long lashes as much as the next girl, so I was interested to see how this worked, considering I've never tried a fibre mascara before.  

The wand itself is not like any other one I've used and I wasn't sure if I was boggle eyed or not when trying to see if it was round or not.  It was not.  You can see (hopefully) from the photo below that on two sides, the bristles are much shorter, leaving two flatter sides and two longer bristled sides.

The first time I used SuperExtend Extreme Mascara, I got it everywhere, all on my eyelid and under my lower lashes.  I didn't know what was happening with the brush but now I'm used to it!  I also thought the formula was really wet and thin the first five or six times I used it, making my lashes clump together and forcing me to comb through them with my lash comb.

Thankfully, the formula has dried out a bit and is now one I can work with properly!  I like to use the flat side of the wand to push the lashes up, giving them a curl and then I use the sides with the longer bristles to apply the mascara to the lashes, combing them through.  Here are the side by side photos first.

Each photo in the post shows one coat of the mascara.  It gives incredible length, especially at the outer edges and some volume.  But it's being billed as a lengthening mascara and it does just that.  As I mentioned above, it initially clumped my lashes together, but you can see in all of the photos here, there's not a clump to be seen and it gives a lovely curl to the lashes.

I've added this to my everyday mascaras because it gives a natural lash, perfect for work.  At night when I'm going out, I like a mascara that gives length and volume but for work, I like length.  I mean, if I had to pick between a mascara that offered just volume or just length, I'd choose length every time.  This stays put for the whole of my work day with no fall out under my eyes during the day.  My lashes still feel relatively soft when the mascara dries which is a must have for me.  It's a solid mascara that I'm really enjoying using and is it weird that I'm really intrigued as to what it looks like in navy?!

Avon SuperExtend Extreme Mascara comes in black, brown and navy and retails at €13 but is on offer in the current ebrochure for €6.50. You can find your local representative here.  


  1. Looks really good, you have the most gorgeous lashes x

  2. Ooo my short lashes love the idea of this

  3. I have to agree about the initial consistency of this, seemed a bit thin and liquidy but after it dries out a bit it's great!

  4. I was thinking about getting this one, seems great :)
    You have beautiful eyes!

  5. Seems great!!! But I have a lot os mascaras... hahaha xx

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