Thursday, April 12, 2012

Human + Kind all-in-one anti ageing cream

With all kinds of lotions and potions out there on the market, it's easy to be weighed down by the sheer number of products you feel you need in your skin care routine.  Irish company Human + Kind are on hand with a multitasking product that is an eye cream, an anti wrinkle cream, a moisturiser and a night cream, all in one!  

It claims to help reduce the appearance of age spots and even skin tone too.  Is there anything it can't do?!  First up, the packaging is really cute and I have been found guilty of judging a product on the packaging, I can't help it!  It has no parabens and is 99.1% natural with ingredients like Jojoba seed oil, organic achmella olercea extract ("nature's botox"), marshmallow extract, rosehip oil, Shea butter and natural Vitamin E.  I've never tried botox so I can't tell you how this product rates against it but it does make my skin feel plump, hydrated and firm when I apply it.

The cream itself is really rich and thick but melts into the skin easily, allowing the scent of lavender to help you relax.  I can only use the cream at night because I've noticed when I use it in the morning, by the time I've applied it, gone about my business and then started to apply my foundation, it comes off my skin in little balls, if that makes sense.  So night time it is for me.  I have oily normal skin so maybe those with drier skin mightn't have this problem.  Either way, I've been enjoying using this every night since the brand sent it to me and will no doubt finish my bottle happily!  

Except I've given it to Joanne to try out.  Her skin has just gone mental over the past week, with really sore looking blemishes on her cheeks and generally all over her face.  Within a day of using this cream, the redness went down significantly and her skin genuinely looks so much better already.  I've ordered her to use it every morning and night, so we'll see how she gets on.  She has dry, sensitive skin and has to be really careful about what she uses.  Products break her out easily and almost immediately but she's loving it so far and is in love with the scent.  She looks about twelve so she doesn't have to worry about the anti ageing part of it!

At €29.99, this is pretty reasonably priced for what you're getting and the 50ml tube makes it perfect skin care product to bring travelling!  The fact that it's an Irish brand just adds the icing to the cake.


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  1. Really want to try it. Can't afford to this month so hopefully next month!! I've very sensitive skin( oily t zone dry cheeks) and LancĂ´me hydrazen only hint that soothes it. Hate being so much for such a basic moisturiser!!!


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