Monday, April 30, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss - Forever Fuchsia review, photos and swatches!

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New from Maybelline is their Super Stay 10 hour Tint Glosses available in five shades; Endless Ruby, Lasting Pink, Forever Coral, Forever Fuchsia and Timeless Plum.  I was sent a couple to play with and had to show you my favourite first, Forever Fuchsia.  The Super Stay 10H Tint Glosses aim to be the pharmacy alternative to the Glossy Stains from YSL at a fraction of the price.

I've only ever tried the lip stains that come with the felt tip marker applicator and while they were ok, you had to apply some kind of lip balm over the top to keep your lips moisturised, otherwise you'd have a cakey dry mess all over your lips and that's not a good look for anyone.  The Super Stay 10H Tint Glosses come with a doe foot applicator that has allows for precise application, even at the edges of your lips.  The formula goes on easily and evenly, leaving a gorgeous glossy finish over the top of you lips.  If you smush your lips together, you can feel the formula moving as opposed to just dry lips that happens with liquid lip stains.  I like to feel the product on my lips.  I'm mad like that.

Behold are the lip swatches.  Forever Fuchsia is bright pink shade that screams "Hello summer"!

It's delightfully pigmented, leaves my lips feeling moisturised and stays on for about four hours, so definitely shy of the ten hour claim.  But I think with lip stains, one of two things happen.  Either they don't last as long as they claim, or they dry your lips out something fierce.  This doesn't dry out my lips at all, rather fading evenly instead to a matte finish.  It does cling to any dry patches you may have, so give your lips an aul scrub before applying it.

All in all, I love Forever Fuchsia.  I'll be showing you another shade shortly and have my eye on Forever Coral because I love me some coral lips so I do.  These will set you back €11.49 and are available from Boots, Superdrug and pharmacies nationwide.

Have you tried any of these Super Stay 10H Tint Glosses?


  1. I have the Coral one and it's lovely but it's lucky to last until lunchtime...

  2. I'm loving all over these little tubes of loveliness too! That looks AMAZING on your lips xo

  3. Love the colour on you must check these out!

  4. I have the fuschia one and think it's a gorgeous colour! Haven't really had the chance to try it out yet properly yet because I've been working since I got it and I just wear more subtle colours for work (I'm a teacher and have to look 'professional' lol). Looks like a fun Summer colour though!

  5. Ooh, thats a lovely colour! I'd love to see the coral one to as I'm into the auld coral shades at the moment! Fab review! :-)

  6. This looks sooo pretty on. Loving that little applicator too.
    S xx


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