Thursday, April 5, 2012

My beautiful Inglot palette - photo heavy!

After much lusting over my fellow beauty blogger's purchases from Inglot, I decided I needed to see what all of the hoo haa was about.  So a couple of weeks ago, fresh from payday, I went to the Jervis Street branch to have a swatch fest and pick out some shades.  Behold my 10 shade Freedom Palette...

This cost me €55, so €5.50 per eyeshadow?  A pretty spectacular deal if you ask me!  It took me ages to decide what shades to pick because they've such a massive selection and everything looked gorgeous.  A couple of the shades I wanted were out of stock so I kept having to go back and make more choices until I filled up my ten shade palette.  I'm delighted with my selections and I figured as this was my first play around with Inglot, I wanted to get shades that I knew I'd use.  I'm sure as I go back and get more, that I'll get more brave with my colour choices!

The shades are numbered rather than named which makes it very hard to remember what ones I have so remind me to add a list into my phone so the next time I head into Inglot, I know what I already have!  It's hard to remove the pans from the palette but I used a teeny weeny screwdriver to poke into the corner and gently release the shadow to see the number.  So let me show you which ones I got with some swatcheroonies.  

#63 (left), #422 (right)

#378 (left), #52 (right)

#464 (left), #360 (right)

#31 (left), #465 (right)

#37 (left), #328 (right)

I can't explain to you how happy this palette makes me.  I've been using it every day and already have some favourites.  I'm in love with shade #31 for an all over the lid wash of colour and have been using shade #52 in the outer corner and crease for an easy smokey eye look.  The big surprise of the palette and to be honest, the shade I flip flopped over whether I should get or not is the orange #464 shade.  I love wearing it under the lower lashes to make my eyes look really green. 

Here's a quick couple of photos with me playing around with those three shades.  In The Love.

You can check out the Inglot Ireland Facebook page here to learn more about Inglot.  I'll be back with more make up looks using my palette and no doubt over the coming months will make more investments (€5.50 a shadow?!)


  1. Ooo nice selection! The pans will come out easier with time and then they just pop out if you use one the corner magnets from the lid. And if your on meteor or know anyone on meteor they have 20% off vouchers on for Inglot so you can get another one of these for €44 even better bargain! Love #31 and the orange looks fab on you really makes your eyes pop!

  2. That orange one looks amazing, so summery! Aww man I wish Inglot would just hurry up and open a store in Belfast!

  3. OMG OMG I feckin' love Inglot - this is eyeshadow porn! That orange 464 is goin' on the list - looks lovely on you x

  4. Lovely!!! These shades definitely make your eyes stand out! :D

  5. ooohhhh... These look amazing

  6. Its even less than €5.50 if you factor in the palette itself! Plus you can get 20% off if youre a meteor customer! (Or if you're not and a friend is they could send you the text from their phone! Lovely choice if colours Karen! Think I have a couple of them in my collection!!

  7. I LOVE my inglot neutral palette-it gets more use than any of my mac shadows or ud naked palette these days! and it's not easy to pull me away from those! x

  8. Me likey - a couple of years ago a friend brought me back some inglot from Poland where it's from and supposedly it's much cheaper there .. Love the brand even if they keep moving the location in Liffey valley

  9. You're right Mags, they're like the nomads of Liffey Valley - just roll up shop and move when the fancy takes 'em.

    Love your choices, K, that orange is gawjus with your eyes - so greeeen!

  10. I need this in my life xxx

  11. love your looks and the shades you choose.. i bought my first one today with 5 shades- a mix of natural and bright mattes.. xx im a new follower..

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