Friday, April 27, 2012

My magic wand! (It's actually my BaByliss curling wand)

For years now I've wondered how people found the time to curl their hair in the morning.  I mean, I roll out of bed at the last moment and don't have time to spend ages curling my hair with my tongs.  I've two sets of tongs that I never use; one of which promised to give me big bouncy curls and waves.  It lied.  So, as punishment, it has stayed in The Drawer Of Things Long Forgotten.

Over the past year or so, I've seen many YouTube tutorials showing how to use curling wands and I always thought "Yeah, that looks nice" and promptly forgot all about them.  The most I do styling wise with my hair is with the BaByliss Big Hair Styler and I've managed to convince many pals to pick it up it's that good.  Seriously.  Click here to read about it.

Last weekend Joanne asked me to try curling her hair for a night out tonight.  I knew my tongs wouldn't cut it especially with her hair being so thick and long, so I went to Boots and picked this bad boy up for a reasonable €32.99.  I figured I'll stick with BaByliss since they haven't let me down yet.  I am obsessed with it.  I mean, I doubt you'll ever see me with uncurled hair again!

It comes with a heat resistant glove so you don't burn the hands off yourself.  Ain't nobody going to be looking at your curly hair if you've big welts all over your hands.  There's a little stand underneath the wand in the middle to prop it up and it has an on/off button and two little buttons to increase or decrease the heat settings.  There are four heat settings and I've been using the third highest one on my hair.  As it's heating up, there's a little LED light that flashes and you'll know it has reached the chosen temperature when it stops flashing.

I've been using my John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion every day since getting it and even more so now that I've been using my wand.

So what I do is wash my hair as usual and apply the Deep Infusion serum onto my wet hair.  I blow dry my hair upside down as always and then get curling.  I split my hair into two halves and start at the front.  I like to curl away from my face as you can see in the photos below.  Trying very hard at all times not to burn the arm off myself, I twist the section of hair around the wand and before you can say Wingardium Leviosa, I have a natural wavy curl!  I leave each section of hair wrapped around the wand for about 20 seconds or so.

If you want a uniform, wavy look, then start each curl off in the same direction.  See in the photo above, the wand is behind the hair at the start of the curl and in the photo below, I continue that with each section.

You'll be left with something like this below on the left.  When I'm finished curling all my hair with the wand, I do a bit of Riverdance with my feis curls and then get styling.  I run my fingers through the curls to separate them a bit like so, below on the right.  I like to apply some Orofluido hair oil lightly through the curls to define them a bit, no touchy touchy the roots ladies or you'll be a grease monkey before you can say Aveda Kadavera with your magic curling wand.  I spray a bit of hairspray and I'm good to go!

My pals at work have been so complimentary about my curly hair, telling me I look beyoootiful with it (no pressure lads, now I know what they'll be thinking the days I don't curl my mane!)  I've been told that it really suits me and I will fully admit that I LOVE IT!!  I was going to get a good bit chopped off my hair the next time I get it cut, but not now.  And this leads me to my next point that could be wrong but someone else said it to me too and it was that my hair looks longer when it's curly!  It makes my roots look less bad, my highlights a bit more highlighty and I just love my hair curly.  Anything that doesn't involve me having to get another perm is always good (for the record, I was 15 when I got my perm, ah the eighties).

Now, remember at the start of this post I mentioned that Joanne wanted it for her night out tonight?  Yeah, that isn't happening.  I am also heading out tonight and am totally robbing it.  Let's be honest, I need the hair help way more than she does, am I correct?  But just to be nice, the other night I curled her hair and this is how it turned out.  Get ready to hate her more and her gorgeous long hair...

We didn't put any product in her locks and this only took 15 minutes to do which is unheard of when it comes to doing anything with her mane.  

I've been so giddy all week trying to get organised with this post.  This is one of my favourite things about blogging; finding something I fall in The Love with and can't wait to tell you all!  

Are you a fan of the magical curling wand?  Are there any products out there you'd recommend for using with it?



  1. Wow, if I had long hair I would definitely want one of those!! :D

  2. Wow, I've fancied a curling tong for a whille but never know which one to go for. This one gives just the sort of waves I want and I love the idea of the glove. Good work! Thanks for the post :)

  3. Bought this product last christmas, id be lost without it! LOVE it!

  4. i bloody love curly hair, i use a babyliss tongs and my ghd to curl ususally but this wand looks the business, the curls are lovely and soft looking!!!!

  5. My old hairdresser used to use something like this, I now realise that I bought the wrong sort of tong when I tried to recreate his salon magic! Thanks for the post I think it shows how to use the tongs very well.x

  6. I'm expecting to see big bouncy curls tonight lady! xo

  7. Get a perm! I started getting perms again a couple of years ago and I swear by them for my thin, shoulder length hair. It's like having a permanant hair do that you don't need to fuss with every morning - I just drag a bit of product through it and I'm good to go.


  8. I love the curly hair on you it looks dressy but casual sophisticated all at the same time .. Love it on you .. Joanne's hair is beyond fab it's so shiny and healthy looking too

  9. jesus i wonder would this work on my literally my hair is so thin, normally nothing at all works!!! could this be the answer????

  10. Your hair is gorgeous curled! I love this wand, i bought it when I had long hair but then I cut my hair up into a short bob and thought I'd never use it on myself again, but amazingly, it curls short hair really well too!

  11. Beautiful curls! I love clipless curling irons, I use the Karmin Clipless curling wand, like the one you have, it too has a tapered barrel for creating all types of curls and waves.

  12. Well I have a Karmin straightener and it makes awesome curls too, but you can just use a curling wand if you curl your hair often and you prefer to get it done faster without having to twist your arm around. A curling wand gets you any curly or wavy style as long as you use the right technique. Try Karmin Products Line! 


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