Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weleda Skin Food review

My skin has been going through the wars lately with random dry patches showing up on my face and the tops of my arms for some reason.  Nobody wants their foundation caking to dry, scaly patches, so I put Weleda Skin Food to the test.  I mean, if it's good enough for Adele and Victoria Beckham, it's good enough for me!

With ingredients including sunflower seed oil, extract of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and rosemary extract, it's described as a rescue remedy for lack-lustre and undernourished skin.  It has a strong herbal smell  and a really rich texture that made me initially think it might be too thick for my face, but that wasn't the case at all.  When I'm using it on my face, I apply a pea sized amount onto my fingers and rub my hands together, which warms the cream up and makes it easier to apply.  I press my hands against my face to apply the product rather than rubbing and that's worked perfectly for me.  Because of the thickness of the cream, I like to apply it at night so it has all that time to soak into the skin and by the time I wake up in the morning, my face is soft and smooth.  Result!  Nary a dry patch to be found.

For dry patches on my arms, I apply it like I would a regular cream but just on the patches, not all over my arm.  It's helped the dry areas clear up in no time and has been really effective on my elbows which have been known to grate cheese they're so dry!

A small tube (30ml) is €6.25 and a large tube (75ml) is a mere €11.25.  I'll be bringing my tube away with me to Spain in a couple of weeks as my skin always goes haywire after being on a plane and will have to fight Joanne for the tube when she goes away too!

Weleda Skin Food is available from Nourish Health and Beauty Stores, selected independent Health Stores and Pharmacies nationwide.

Have you tried Weleda Skin Food?


  1. I have had problems with dryness on my chin and the tops of my arms also! I was wondering where you can get this cream from in Dublin? Great post by the way :)

    Emily x


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