Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Foaming Cleansing Wash review

It was with a heavy heart that I used up the last of this cleanser a few weeks ago.  It was the end of a beautiful relationship.  It made me smile every single time I used it and in return, I cared for it enough to actually keep the lid on it in all the months I had it.  (I'm a notorious lid loser, so many of my products can't be taken anywhere with me due to lack of liddage.)

The rather long named Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Foaming Cleansing Wash is described as a "high performance rinse off cleanser" and it's that and so much more.  I love using it in the morning as the scent of neroli, bergamot, sweet orange and mandarin are so uplifting and energising and sets me off on my day with a spring in my step.  Seriously ladies, you need to smell this, it's absolutely gorgeous.

It contains "naturally derived foaming agents from coconut and sugars to help cleanse, soften and condition the skin".  The Moringa and pumpkin fruit extracts leave the skin cleansed, purified and refreshed.  

I dampen my face first and then apply one full pump into the palm of my hands, rubbing them together to disperse the product, then I apply it all over my face massaging gently.  I love that it stays foamy for ages.  There's nothing worse than a foam product that disappears as soon as you start to rub it in.  While massaging it into my skin, I breathe in the citrussy scent and actually enjoy the ritual of cleaning my skin, rather than just going through the motions.  By leaving it on for 30 to 60 seconds, you're allowing the pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate your skin gently.

Since I'm not a girl on one of those ads who can splash water on her face to remove the product, (I mean come on, I'd soak the place and myself, then turn around to leave the bathroom, go flying on the wet tiled floor, skill myself and end up in A&E all because I wanted to be a face splasher?) I turn to my Emma Hardie Dual Action Cloths to remove the cleanser properly.  That's if I can find one though.  I got one with the Moringa Balm last year and two weeks later, bought a set of three more.  But I'm not the only member of the household that loves the cloths.

Exhibit A.

One of Bailey's favourite things to do is lie beside me as I'm blogging.  He then enjoys pootling into the bathroom, takes the cloth that's drying on the radiator and bring it back into the bedroom.  He jumps onto the bed and then no word of a lie, starts rubbing his face into the cloth.  This is why I need four of them.  Sometimes I won't even see him doing it and will find a cloth on the floor randomly.  What can I say, the little fella has good taste!  He also thinks he's a person and enjoys cleansing his face.

The foam cleanses my skin gently, doesn't irritate my eyes and I have been known to use it to remove my make up, eyes and all.  Once I have one of the cloths, the war paint comes off easily.  My skin is left refreshed, clean and smooth afterwards, with no tightness.

A bottle will set you back €39.99 which isn't cheap but it's worth it.  I've already bought a replacement in Arnotts, that's how much I love it.

Three words.  Go smell it.  

Em, some more words.  I can't recommend this enough, it's just gorgeous.



  1. Sold!

    Also, how cute is Bailey?!?! Diesel has been known to lie beside me as I blog but only to emit noxious fumes silently in his constant attempt to kill me.

    1. Now aren't you glad I brought you into Arnotts so you could smell this today?? So gorge, maybe the smell of it would kill Diesel's bum fumes? ;)

  2. Well, Moringa is the most nutritious product on earth. As many effective products are made by such tree. It's leafs are very nutritious and helps in many ways.

  3. aww your dog is too cute!! my dog seems to have a penchant for stealing my beauty products too but not to use them like your little cutey, just to destroy them!!!

    The cleansing wash sounds lovely but I just could not justify that price to even try because I'd probably love it and be gutted that I couldnt afford to have it as a regular buy!

    1. Sounds like your dog and my dog would get along just great!! I hear you re the price, I'm just a big product junkie and love trying new things and have to share with everyone when I use something I love!

    2. QVC have the full size moringa balm and wash for £40.50p. When you become a member sometimes they send you a voucher for three easy pay, pay over three months. Emma also has a Today Special Value 12th December, which means she offers customers at QVC several products for a very, very reduced rate, which may or may not be on easy pay. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee. Her face moisturisers are good as well, makes my skin lovely and soft. Hope this helps.

  4. Awww bailey is so cute and if it's good enough for him ;) why didn't I smell this yesterday

  5. Awww bailey is so cute and if it's good enough for him ;) why didn't I smell this yesterday

  6. Awww bailey is so cute and if it's good enough for him ;) why didn't I smell this yesterday

  7. I love the EH moringa sculpting balm as recommended by Caroline of Beauty Mouth. I'm using it morning and night and it makes cleansing a total pleasure. I'm going to give this a try too. Just checked out qvc, it's £27.36 there. I'm off to press buy on my phone app........


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