Monday, May 21, 2012

Lovely Girlie Bits visits Loulerie! (Picture heavy - I couldn't help myself)

A couple of weeks ago on a rainy Wednesday, I popped into our favourite jewellery shop, Loulerie.  Owned by Louise Stokes who has the best job in the world; scouring the globe for gorgeous jewellery collections to bring back to us lucky Irish.  Louise has worked in New York in the fine jewellery business for years before opening her own shop, Loulerie, in 2007.  She has such a good eye and has brought some fantastic designers from all over the world for us to fawn over.  She was the tour guide that day and talked me through the stunning contents of her shop.

Louise said hat she buys pieces for the customers; "for you" and I said to myself, "I know you do!  If only you could hear the disco music in my head from the pure happiness I have from merely glancing round the shop".  I was in heaven and I'm pretty sure she had to clean all the glass cases after I'd been there, what with having my nose pressed up against them, hand prints and all, not to mention the drooling that occured.

Louise has something for everyone (especially me and Joanne) and I'll just say that we were in town last Sunday, heads pressed up against the closed shutters of Loulerie, pointing at everything we like liked!  She likes to find new designers and work with them from the beginning, watching them evolve.  She stocks designers like Alexis Bittar, David Aubrey, Des Doyle, Chic Alors, Willow and Clo, La Luna by Atelier De La Rosa, Me and Ro and Gorjana.

Joanne and I love David Aubrey and I made a beeline for the case with all of his pieces.  That fuchsia and peach neck piece is just stunning and I could see Serena Van Der Woodsen wearing that!

Alexis Bittar's designs have been featured in the Sex and The City movies and you can see why.  Look at the detail on the pearl necklace with the tulip sections.

Recently Louise decided to add some bridal wear pieces to the shop and these are some of the most beautiful, vintage looking ones.  The art deco style bracelets are by Ben Amun as are the Downton Abbey like pearls!

I'm a bit obsessed with the cross chain ring on the top left there.  

These pieces were my favourites.  All of them.  Danielle Stevens is new to Loulerie and Louise has picked some gorgeous things to tempt me with!  There was something very Gossip Girl about the tiered necklace on the top left.  I love pale mint coloured jewellery and tried to get Joanne to make me a pair of earrings in that colour to go with a fuchsia top I have.  

Willow and Clo is the brainchild of Chloe Townsend who actually works in Loulerie.  The earrings on the top right were worn by Sharon Corr on The Voice and each piece is hand made.  So simple and so beautiful.

Louise has some tribal patterned pieces alongside some really simple ones.  There's really something for everyone!

For ages now, I've been wanting a really simple necklace to wear every day.  I laid eyes on this beauty and knew it was The One.  At €65, it's affordable and exactly what I'm looking for so roll on pay day!  

Joanne and I have so much costume jewellery that we've accumulated over the years and never wear it.  Since first discovering Loulerie Jewellery last year, we've decided to stop buying stuff we don't wear and start investing in pieces we will wear.  So keep an eye out for our Loulerie purchases in the future!

Loulerie is on 14b Chatham Street, Dublin 2.  Click here to visit the website or follow Louise on Twitter.

Now, what's your favourite piece you've seen on the post?  Please enable me as I want them all and need help whittling them down!


  1. Love that mint layered necklace, gorgeous photos!

    1. Thanks Laura, I'd say you'd be very happy in there ;P

  2. This looks like heaven .. Why have I never been before .. What is the general price range and do they have prices on the pieces. I hate asking the price and pretending not to be shocked if it's really expensive

  3. That's it, I am paying Loulerie a visit immediately!

  4. Amazing jewellery! I looooove Gossip Girl :D

  5. Oh sweet Lord, how did you leave?! Fabulous!!


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