Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Favourite Five is back!

Last year I started a series of posts where I highlighted my Favourite Five (to be sung to the theme tune of The Famous Five) posts that made me laugh, think, hmm or just spoke to me!

Without further ado, here we go!

1. CherrySue has a manicure that looks amazing and I could totally do with just some polish, scissors, tape and a paperclip.  Well, maybe not the paperclip, but she is the McGuyver of the nail world and anything that involves neon and animal print sounds right up my street!

2. posted about whether women were funny or not.  I think we all know that we're fecking hilarious but it was lovely to see that some of the girls named moi as being funny!  Ah thanks lads!

3. More nails!  Sarah at Adoreabubbles showed us how to to the cutest rainbow nails and I need to try them, too dinky!

4. Sara over at Love Thing... is one of my favourite bloggers and every single make up look she does is absolutely stunning.  Go follow here here and take a look at her Taupe & Aubergine Night Time Cat Eye look.

5. I met Susan of earlier this year and I have decided that we are kindred souls.  We both carry an obscene amount of lip balm around with us, are weird with shampoos and conditioners and when we first met, we gave each other sidelong glances, saying "I know you from somehwere..."  We're now both trying to fix our poor nails so click here to read about what she's using now.

This week was a great week for me.  I wrote a guest post for the brilliant ladies over on Style Siren so go on over and check it out.  You know you want to!

I decided to start posting twice a day during the week for the foreseeable future.  I've a million things I want to blog about and my mind is always ticking over with different ideas and once a day just wasn't enough!  It means I can do shorter reviews on products and keep you all up to date on the newest things out on the market.  Of course, since CherrySue and I are two people with one mind, we were talking about it a couple of weeks ago and discovered it was something we both were going to do!  So lots to read on our blogs.

CherrySue invited me, Joanne and Lorraine along to a 98fm listener's party on Friday night at Rouge Nightclub in Swords and we spent the entire night laughing our heads off as always!  At the party, Sue won a fantastic prize that I'm sure she'll be telling you about tomorrow as part of her Monday Moments but being the lahffly generous lady she is, I shall be partaking in said prize!  No takesie backsies Sue!

While paying the toll at a toll booth yesterday, I handed over my cash to the girl and she said "Oh I love your nails, did you do them yourself?"  That made my day!  I'm still sporting these bad boys.  She was wearing some amazing glittery ones herself so I returned the compliment!  Kindred nail polish lovers...

So those were some of my highlights of the week.  I've a great one coming up with some events, a girl's night out and hopefully enjoying more of the sun!  Have a good one everyone!



  1. This is such a good idea! And I can't wait for the 2 posts a day.

  2. Thank you for the other blog recommendations - I'm always looking new blogs to read. And thank you for getting the famous five theme tune stuck in my head for the day too!

  3. LOVE this!!!

    First up, Fanks a squill for the shout out, second, I'm thrilled you're posting twice a day - a daily double dose of lovelygirlybits means fab sneak peeks and current content ALL THE TIME. Win!

    Lastly, no takesie backies intended, you best be packing your mála and clearing a weekend in your calendar, yo!

  4. I think you guys are brilliant for posting twice a day - has been in the back of my head for a while but I don't think I could manage it just yet, so fair play to you! Love both of yis're blogs as you know xo


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