Friday, May 18, 2012

Philosophy 3 in 1 multitaskers!

Who doesn't love a multitasking product?  Many years ago when Joanne and I were part of a swimming club, we discovered the much loved Wash and Go.  We had really long hair back then and swam every day, so needed something that would make life easier and save us from having to carry two bottles around with us.  When we ran out of it, we used to make our own by squirting some shampoo and conditioner into an empty bottle and give it a good shake to make our own DIY Wash and Go.

These days I'm using a different multitasking product and it's a goodie!  It's so good, it made me break the sacred Blogger's Rule - Thou Shalt Not Use A Product Until You Have Photographed It Untouched.  Say hi to Philosophy shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath, a brilliant 3 in 1 product.  Except it's a 4 in 1.  My two bottles have recipes on the front making them super multitasking products!

I was sent Coconut Frosting and Cinnamon Buns and will fully admit that I was a little dubious about plopping a shower gel on my hair.  But I cast my dubiousness-ness (it's a word) quickly aside and decided that Coconut Frosting would be my first scent of choice.  I mean, word on the street is it's summer and coconut scents make me feel summery, so when I'm in the shower, I pretend it's hot and sunny and get using my 3 in 1.

It lathers beautifully and smells divine, but how does it work on the hair?  Well, let me just say that every time I use it, which is about every second day, when I come into work, everyone asks me what I'm using on my hair and if I've gotten it done.  That's the sign of a good product in my book.  I use a conditioner on my hair as usual after shampooing and dry as normal.  The result is full, bouncy hair!

A product like this is great to bring away with you on holidays and you can decant it easily into one of the clear plastic bottles.  When I'm away and going to be in the pool/sun a lot, I bring a leave in conditioner with me to protect my mane.

Now, I don't like cinnamon smelling candles, pot pourri or much else cinnamony, but I love the smell of Cinnamon Buns.... It's sweet, mild and transports me instantly to Autumn with the familiar homely scent.  I do not want it to be Autumn yet, so it has been put aside for when "summer" is over and I'll be using it happily once the days start getting even colder.  If that's possible.

A few of us bloggers were sent different scents to try and what did we do when we were all in Arnotts last week?  Stood at the Philosophy stand and made each other smell the ones we got.  It was like the Enabler's Olympics and Mags took first place picking up a perfume she'd better review soon.  I have my beady little eye on the Field of Flowers 3 in 1 and body lotion that CherrySue reviewed here.

A massive bottle will set you back €17.50 which sounds expensive but you don't need much to get a good lather.  They're available in Arnotts so go and smell them and if you see a bunch of weirdos standing at the stand making each other smell stuff, that's us.


  1. Coconut Frosting is the only one I didn't sniff! Fanks a fou for the shout out too :)

    I think what impresses me most with Philosophy, like you said, is just how good a shampoo it is. Vay rare in multi taskers.

  2. I think cinnamon buns is next on my list mmmm I love cinnamon .. I have used an obnoxious amount of the perfume it's georg

  3. I have a bottle of melon margarita in my shower and have only ever used it as a shower gel but I'm gonna give it a lash as a shampoo after reading this! Coconut one sounds great too.

  4. I love philosophy bath and body products.


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