Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pixy Lime Body Scrubber Cubes - they smell so good!

This week I was sent the cutest little package by Pixy, a new Irish beauty brand.  Look!

What are they I hear you ask?  You're looking at a little pile of Lime Body Scrubber Cubes (€4.99 - 90g).  These couldn't have come at a better time as I'm beginning the process of learning how to fake tan and we all know that exfoliation is a crucial step in the tanning process.

These ice cube sized rectangles contain natural and organic ingredients like natural cocoa butter, apricot oil, vitamin E and lime essential oil, ready to pamper your skin.  They smell exactly like the green Starburst sweets to me which delighted me to no end and I knew we'd be very happy together.

As I held one in my hand to take the photo below, the heat of my hand started to melt the cocoa butter and oils in the cube slightly.  I took my photos quickly and took this bad boy into the shower.  And that's where the photos end folks, nothing to see here!  I've used the Buffy bar from Lush in the past and found it grand in the exfoliation department but not good in the moisturising department, not to mention storing it.  So I never repurchased it.  The Pixy Lime Scrubber Cubes are the perfect size to bring one into the shower or bath and where they say that one should do your whole body once.  I used half of one last night and that was going over my arms and legs twice, just because.

You hold the cube in your hand and have at it wherever you want to exfoliate.  The scrubby bits slough (hate that word) away the dead skin cells and as you're running it over your skin, the essential oils melt on contact and moisturise beautifully.  Pixy recommend not to use this on your face and I'd have to agree with them.  It would be way too harsh for your delicate skin but perfect for any rough bits on arms and legs!

They recommend to mind yourself in the shower and bath after using one of the cubes.  Because of the cocoa butter and oils melting, the bottom of your shower might get a bit slippy, so be careful!  One other point is that these would be the perfect size for bringing away on holiday with you.  I'm all about travelling light these days and still want my home comforts, so I'd happily plop a couple of these in a plastic bag so that they wouldn't melt all over everything and be able to treat myself.

Check out for stockists or to buy online.  It's great to have a new Irish brand on the market!


  1. ooohhh I like a god scrub! Will go and peruse the new products and wait for pay day!

  2. I LOVE the word SLOUGH. LOL.
    I really want to try these now, I've almost used up all my REN salt scrub yokie and need a new fave...


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