Monday, May 14, 2012

Possibly the best car boot bargain ever...

I had one of the loveliest weekends in ages ladies and can't believe it's over already and we're back at work.  We went for a walk along the seafront in Clontarf, had pancakes in Moloughney's, one of our favourite restaurants, went to the Brown Sugar Charity Day, had tapas in The Port House, another of our favourite restaurants and hit a car boot sale to kill some time.

I obviously have some weird radar because I came across this baby at said car boot sale....

Yes, that is a Tom Ford perfume and it cost me all of €15!  Although my heart firmly lies with Neroli Portofino and I will continue to visit it and drown myself in it every time I go to Brown Thomas, I've been wanting to add some Tom Ford perfumes to my collection.

I'll review it fully after I give it a proper go but on first impressions, it's one of the more sophisticated perfumes I own.  I found myself smelling my wrist every few minutes to see what I thought of it and just couldn't put my finger on what I was smelling. 

Usually when it comes to me and perfumes, I either instantly like or dislike it.  White Patchouli, however, gets me stroking my imaginary beard, or maybe not so imaginary beard when I see photos I've taken of myself up close.  

Keep an eye out next week for my review once I've stopped with the beard stroking and moustache twirling.

This made my day on Saturday.  What a find eh?  What's been your best car boot purchase ladies?



  1. This fragrance certainly smells great :)

  2. Holy Moly, that's brilliant Karen, well done :)! x

  3. Amazing find Karen! From now on my weekends shall be spent trawling the carboot sales of Dublin and beyond!

  4. No WAY! that is actually the best carboot buy EVAH! I am well impressed.

    S xx


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