Thursday, May 31, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in shade 54 Golden Sand review

Last week I brought you the stunning Azure Blue eyeliner from the YSL Swimming Pool Collection and I think everyone fell in The Love with it.  Now I'm here to tell you about the glosses and one in particular, Golden Sand.

Four new Golden Glosses make up the glossy part of the Swimming Pool collection.  Shade 51 Golden Shelle, 52 Golden Pebble, 53 Golden Pearl and 54 Golden Sand.

I was sent 54 Golden Sand to play with and I knew I'd love it as soon as I took it out of the box.  Adorned with a golden lid and those three all important letters, YSL, the gloss itself has sparkling 24 carat gold flecks (0.2%), fancy schmancy!

Along with 24 carat gold flecks, there looks to be flecks of pink running through it too, all sitting happily in a nudey sheer gloss.  The gloss has a fruity scent that I couldn't put my finger on, but research tells me it's mango.  Despite all the glittery flecks in the gloss, it doesn't feel gritty on the lips.  It's not sticky, instead it feels really luxurious on.

Take a look at the photos below.  It really is luminescent and highlights my cupid's bow, making my lips appear bigger.  This makes me very happy indeed!  It stays put for a good three hours or so, when the shine fades away, leaving a light layer of the flecks on the lips.

It's one that I've been wearing every day since getting it and the lightness of the shade means I can slap it on when I'm on the go.  It's subtle, pretty and will compliment a smokey eye perfectly.

The Golden Glosses retail at €30 and could be a lovely Oh It's Summer So I Deserve A Treat present to yourself?



  1. So subtle, it's gorge!

    I'm using Nuxe Natural Crystal at the mo and it's similar, just not YSL is all...

  2. oh its super sparkly i love it

  3. I am truly fascinated by Nuxe Natural Crystal. Also would love to know more about Swarovski Crystals Australia.


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