Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eve Taylor Advanced Skin Therapy review!

For the past few months, I've been using the Eve Taylor range of skincare that I first spoke about here.  Rather than overload my poor skin with everything, I picked out the products that stood out to me the post and I've been putting them through their paces.  I'm now ready to spill les beans.

First up is the Ultra Rich moisturiser (€41.95) that's directed towards skin that's over-stressed, dehydrated and prematurely ageing.  Now, I refuse to believe that my skin is prematurely ageing and will stick my fingers in my ears and sing LaLaLaLaLa to anyone who tells me so!  Yes, my skin can be dehydrated and over-stressed, especially with the amount of make up and products I trial all the time, so this was made for me.

Containing Hyalauronic acid, Alpha lipoic acid, Essential oils and vitamins, it moisturises my skin beautifully without leaving me greasy.  This is very important for an oily/combo skinned person.  It's ever so lightly fragranced and one pump is the perfect amount to do my face and neck.  I can use it morning and night; being thin enough for morning use and thick enough for night time use.  It's pretty much the Goldilocks of face creams!  I will admit that even when I was trialing other moisturisers, I still found myself going back to this one in the end.  That's saying something folks.

I've been using it alongside the Hyaluronic acid (€39.95) and don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds.  Your face won't melt off or anything, so you can unclench.  Hyaluronic acid "plays an important role in tissue hydradion, lubrication and cellular function resulting in increased skin smoothness."  Now, whereas I could immediately feel the difference on my skin after applying the Ultra Rich moisturiser, this was not the case with the Hyaluronic acid.  What was so mad was that I could tell the difference in my skin when I wasn't using it.  After using it for about two weeks, I stopped using it just to see what would happen, but continued with the Ultra Rich moisturiser.  And it was then that I noticed my skin wasn't as plump as it had been.  I gave it about three days without the acid then had to start using it and then properly noticed how smooth my skin was looking.  Result!  I'm at the end of this now and will repurchase it when the last dregs are gone.  It's so strange, I've never come across a product that seemed to do nothing on first impressions but surprised me like this!

The third product I used was the Advanced Eye Complex (€32.95) and I used it with the Ion Wand (€32.95) for the craic, or as I like to call it, the vibrating doo-daa!  I didn't have time to use the doo-daa with the Ultra Rich moisturiser but thought it would be a little treat to use around the eyes.  The eye complex contains "an active complex of soy proteins, rice bran and tripeptide 5" along with "a unique moisture lock system of botanicals and silicone to help regulate the exchange of moisture between skin and the environment".  Sciencey bits aside, this is a lovely, light eye cream that cooled down my skin upon application.  It moisturised the delicate skin around my eyes and did manage to plump out my fine lines (laugh lines ahem).  I didn't see any benefit using the Ion Wand but if you're a lover of gadgets, then give it a go.  My fingertips do the job only grand, so I'd give the vibrating doo-daa a miss and use your spondoolies for the Hyaluronic acid instead!!

I've absolutely loved using these Eve Taylor products and as soon as I've finished trialing another new brand to me, I'll be testing out the Vitamin C complex and Telomore DNA cream.

You can find out more about the Eve Taylor range here on the website.  

What else should I try folks?  Talk to Joe.



  1. Thats vibrating doodaa is very ann summersey looking lol

  2. I'm really interested in this stuff, the ingredients list sounds fab! Great review K xo

  3. Ooo hydro acid on my face please

  4. The thing that i loved most in this article are ingredients , it sounds fabulous to me and definitely I would love to try the product at least once.

  5. it is very good to know there are still some good blogs.


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