Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garnier Ultralift challenge - do it with me!

Listen up ladies!  On June 13th, Garnier launched the Ultralift Challenge 2012 and I'm totally taking part in it for the craic!

If you log on to and register your details, you can get one of these little packs containing a 14 day free trial of the Ultralift Day Cream and the Garnier "Wrinkle Reader" to help you track your results.

Since studies show that 71% of consumers don't believe in anti-ageing claims, Garnier wanted to create a product that would really make a difference and we get to try it out for 14 days!

So ladies, I have a challenge for you.  Go and sign up on the website and if you'd like, email me a photo of your eye and I'll add it to the post here.  Then after 14 days, send me an updated photo and I'll add it to my results.  It'll be like our own little study!  Below are my eyeballs and Eadaoin from work's eyeballs.  So check back in 14 days to see how we get on and feel free to email me at with your photos!



  1. I just signed up! Sounds good. Hopefully the results will be worthwhile :)

  2. Done and done... 10 years younger - lovely girlie bits style!!


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