Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Guest post by Jacinta! Full MooGoo review!

Earlier this year I did a brief run down of the MooGoo products that are new to Ireland.  I asked my pal Jacinta if she'd like to test them out as she's had psoriasis for a long time and what better person to review the products than someone who they're aimed at!  So without further ado, behold Jacinta's brilliant review!

When Karen asked me if I would like to review the Moo Goo range for her blog because I have psoriasis, I was immediately planning it all out in my head because I wanted it to be up to par with her usual excellent posts, I would take before and after photos that you could all marvel at, I would give you a little back story on my history with psoriasis (27 years now!) and you would all be super impressed wth the excellence that was my guest post. Then real life kicked me up the backside to remind me who was in charge.  I came down with a dose of the flu that took me weeks to get over, the kids both got sick, my hubby was laid off in work and with the stress of it all my psoriasis went absolutely haywire!  So my carefully planned photos etc went out the window!  I will say that while the Moo Goo range didn't actually clear my skin (I think its past the stage of using natural products at the minute and I need some steroid creams which I dread!), they are keeping my skin super soft and moisturised!

My favourite product was actually the Fresh Milk Cleansing Bar (€5.95) which contains honey, oatmeal and buttermilk. I use this in the shower daily. My hubby actually tried it out before I got a chance to and he said it made his skin feel "sticky".  When i used it myself I know what he meant, it doesn't make your skin "sticky" but when you rub your arm/leg/whatever your hand kinda drags over the skin but this is only when your skin is wet, after using it my skin is smoother than it has been for a LONG time!

Next up was the Eczema and Psoriasis Balm or Irritable Skin Balm (€15.95) , which was in a dinky little pot.   This contains Aloe Vera and several other oils etc.  I used this on my elbows, in the crease under my boobs (NOT a nice place to have psoriasis let me tell ya!) and on my knees and although it didn't make my skin any clearer, it didn't get any worse either when i was having my flare up!  It also kept my elbows etc moisturised as anyone with psoriasis knows that dry skin is your mortal enemy!

My hubby tried out the Oil Cleanser (€21.45) for me, I asked him to try this as his face can sometimes be dry and he uses moisturisers etc every day so I thought he could be my guinea pig for this product! (He also has super long eyelashes that I'm well jeal of but on with the story in hand!)  He used this oil cleanser a good few times and found it left his face feeling smooth and silky (I can second that!)!  The Oil Cleanser contains Jojoba oil and Avacado oil as well as other natural products!

The Nappy Balm (€10.95) was next on the list and Ryan, my 2 year old was my next guinea pig!  He's getting teeth at the minute so he had a small amount of nappy rash so the nappy balm came in very handy!  His little bum was healed up in a few day so i was delighted with that altogether as the mammies out there all know that a bambino with nappy rash is NOT good for anyone!

I used the Full Cream (€13.90) moisturiser after my shower every day and lashed it onto my skin.   This contains goodness such as coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and honey as well as others. It smells delicious and I had to resist the temptation of giving my arm a lick on more than one occasion!  I really love this and when its all gone I will definitely be ordering some as well as the milk bar!  I'm also very interested in how Mammy Lovely Girlie Bits got on with the scalp cream as I would be interested in trying that out too, dark hair and yucky flakes aren't a good combo!

I used the other creams on my hands and face, just to try different creams in different places. I used the Udder Cream (€10.25) on my face and the MSM Soothing Cream (€15.95) on my hands as they've both been very dry lately (story of my life innit?) and I found both of these left my skin feeling soft and smooth!

After using these milk based products for the last couple of months, I wouldn't have been one bit surprised if I'd started to moo myself!    I apologise to Karen and Joanne for the length its taken me to do this review and want to thank them for giving me the opportunity to do this guest post on their super popular and wonderful blog which has inspired me to spend money on a "must have" on more than one occasion!! I always tell Karen if I end up being divorced over my make up obsession that its ALL HER FAULT!

I hope you've found this review helpful and for any of you out there who have excema/psoriasis, you could always try the Moo Goo range as an alternative to steroids! Its natural ingredients are both moisturising, good for your skin and very important for someone with a skin disorder, they smell GOOD!  If you've used any tar based products you'll know what I'm talking about! 

Will you go ga-ga for goo goo, I mean Moo Goo? I did!

Thanks so much for doing this review Jacinta, you're a little star bar!  



  1. Fantastic post Jacinta, I may now never call it anything other than Goo Goo ;D

  2. Excellent Post Jacinta..U kept me as intrigued as Karen always does,right to the end!!

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That means a lot to hear someone say that! I'm glad Karen gave me the chance to do this guest post for her!

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