Thursday, June 21, 2012

I MacGyvered my way to a make up look (kinda) on my way to Fallon and Byrne

Ok, it's happened to us all at one time or another.  You wake up, slap on work appropriate make up, saunter (leg it) out of the house and do a good day's work.  You're heading how that night but hey, it's ok, you've timed it so that you can race home, have a quick shower, change out of grotty work clothes, do the hair, beautify yourself with alllllll of your make up and stride (leg it) out the door, ready to meet your chums for lols and giggles.

Then.... You get a text from CherrySue.... The event is at 5pm, not 7 as we had thought.... You won't have time to go home and change.  You curse not piling all of the make up on that morning and get your speech ready; the one where you have to apologise to everyone you meet for the absolute state of yourself.  But then, THEN you are thankful that you're a big weirdo who carries around so many products in your handbag!  You plonk everything that might help you look halfway decent onto your desk, photograph it for the purpose of this post and then try to work some magic.

This is what happened to me yesterday.  I didn't even have a hairbrush with me.... Sacre bleu...  I needed to buy a mascara as I was going to use my YSL Azure Blue eyeliner that everyone loves and felt that I needed some extra oomph in my lashes.  So a quick Twitter call for help told me that NYC cosmetics were sold close to where I was going.  Sorted.  I also felt a bit grotty so bought some deodorant and will leave one of them in my desk at work for times like this!

This is what I had to work with.

Now the photos aren't my usual quality because they were taken with my iPhone.  I didn't have my good camera with me as I was going to collect it from home on the way into my 7pm event....  Anyway, I'm also squinting a bit on the left because I was facing my office window trying to get good light and not let people see me as they walked by the window.

I used the YSL Saharienne on my eyes as eyeshadow and added a good dollop of it on my cheeks and on my forehead.  A quick slick of my Aldi concealer under my eyes, YSL liner along the waterline and Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait was it for then.  I bought NYC's Showtime mascara and yes, in the middle of the street with CherrySue standing guard, I lashed a grand thick coat on top and bottom lashes and felt ready to greet the world!

We were at Fallon & Byrne to celebrate the launch of their New Summer Cocktail Collection and we of course had to sample one or two... I had a peach bellini, Sue had a mojito and Eadaoin from City of Blackbirds opened for a non alcohol version of the Pappy Honeysuckle.  Delish!
There were nibbles galore and they were gorgeous.  I can't wait to go back there and get this, on Mondays and Tuesdays, cocktails are buy one get one free all evening!



  1. That's some impressive MacGyvering! :)

  2. Agree with Orla, looks like you've done this before Karen... bit of a dab hand really! ;)

  3. You should have a theme tune

  4. Haha actionmags was just about to write the same thing! Theme song was going round my head reading lol. You looked lovely:)


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