Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kerastase Cristalliste - yes, I can't say it properly either

I think it's safe to say that we all love a bit of Kerastase and I remember many many years ago, rifling through my mam's beauty products and coming across a pot of gorgeous conditioner.  She whooped me upside the head (not really) and told me not to touch it and it was then that my longing for Kerastase started.

I came into work a couple of weeks ago with these gorgeous bottles waiting to greet me and I totally left them on my desk so that everyone could come and smell them.  The lovely packaging aside, what are these pink bottles all about?

The Cristalliste range is aimed at "energetic, busy young women with hectic and social lifestyles".  Now, I'm not very young anymore but I am reasonably energetic with a relatively busy-ish social lifestyle.  I thought, "I'm in!"  I was also provided with these statistics and nothing makes me happier than statistics I can relate to.... I'm weird like that...

65% of young women have long hair (yep, that's me, except for the young part)
40% tend to have oily hair (totally moi, I have to wash mine pretty much every day)
30% have split ends (it's like they know me...)

So, I've been testing out the two shampoos, conditioner and serum for the past few weeks and will now put on my white coat and goggles and clipboard in hand, while I give you my results.

There are two Bain Cristal Luminous Perfecting Shampoos, one for fine hair and one for thick.  I've used both which are silicone, paraben and colourant free and they lather like nobody's business.  I need the smallest amount to create enough suds to wash my hair and give myself a sudsy beard.  They leave my hair feeling squeaky clean and smelling fab.  They retail at €17 each for 250mls and I am in The Love.

The Lait Cristal Luminous Perfecting Conditioner is suitable for fine and thick hair and "softens, loosens and lightens the fibre to improve the hair's natural luminosity" and although it feels quite thin in consistency, it leaves my hair smooth, shiny, silky and other words that begin with the letter "s".  It'll set you back €20.30 for 200ml and that's my only gripe.  I use more conditioner than shampoo so am going through this like nobody's business, so Kerastase, be a good child and make a big massive bottle for us conditioner lovers.  Fab thanks.

Finally we have the Lumiere Liquide Luminous Perfecting Essence that has "intense reflection, non-greasy anti-frizz effect" and every time I use this, someone comments on how shiny my hair is.  Who doesn't want to hear that eh?  This is €22 and will last me for ages.  The bottle says to use one or two squirts on your hair, but let me give you a bit of advice.  The first time I used it, I squirted one pump into my palm and then proceeded to squirt a second pump.  The velocity of the second pump, propelled the first pump out of the palm of my hand and onto the floor so I now have very shiny carpet in my bedroom.  So I'd do one pump at a time ladies and avoid the roots.

This is a gorgeous range that I'd have no problem purchasing myself .  Anything that has people commenting on my locks every single time I use it is a winner in my books.  One of my favourite things is to treat myself to really nice haircare and you can't go wrong with Kerastase!

What's your favourite Kerastase product?  Come on, I want to try more and need a list, so comment below!


  1. I love Kerastase - the elixir ultime is great!

  2. Hi Karen, I have very greasy hair so loads of shampoos don't really work for me. How did this leave your hair after washing and did it look clean for long? Thanks :)

    1. I usually have to wash it every day as it is, but the shampoos didn't weigh my hair down or anything, I had really clean, smooth hair that felt gorgeous!

  3. I have never used the range the price always scars me

    1. Next time you're up north even pick some up, you'd love this range though

  4. Dying to try them, but need to finish off my million shampoo bottles from my bathroom first. The boy banned me :(

    1. I hear you Andreea, I have a stupid number of shampoos half finished, it's insane!

  5. I was a wee bit whelmed by this the first use - I think I expected a crystal fortress mane or something but actually the more I use it the more I like it. But I do think the POWER lies in the serum, which is fandabby dozey. If you only have cash for one product, get that. I am loving it. LOVING IT. All, ahem, three pumps of it. YES.

  6. Bonjour ! :).
    J'ai commandé le tout et j'ai vraiment hâte d'utiliser ces produits également !
    Je viens de découvrir votre blog, il est super ;D.
    Au revoir


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