Wednesday, June 27, 2012

L'Oreal Miss Candy Collection - lots of nail swatches!

It's not very often that a nail polish makes me go "Ooh" out loud.  And it's even less often that the girls at work express their love for one, calling it the nicest polish I've worn in ages!  The Miss Candy Colour Riche Nail Collection from L'Oreal arrived at Casa Girlie Bits last week and I wasted no time getting stuck in!

From left to right we have 305 Dating Coral, 601 French Riviera and 505 Wild Purple (€7.55)

Ok, you need to see them on actual nails, correctamundo?  So first up we have Dating Coral and I'll fully admit to you that as I was typing up this post and checking the names of the polishes, I have a little squeak after realising that this is the matching nail polish to one of my favourite lip products of this year!  I have much love for the L'Oreal Caresse Lipstick also called Dating Coral and now I will have to go all matchy matchy and wear them together now that I've realised this!  Made my night so it has!  

So Dating Coral is a beautiful coral (funny that) polish with the merest hint of shimmer running through it.  This is summer in a nail polish and although I've just taken it off tonight to try another polish, I'll be reapplying it this Friday when I head out on the town.  You will love this and out of the three shades, this is my favourite.

Next up is the dark and vampy Wild Purple.  In daylight it looks like an unassuming dark purple polish, but trust me when I say you need to see this in the sunlight.  I know this is Ireland and that might be impossible but it's worth the effort when you see the blue and pink shimmer running through it.  This colour will take you right through until autumn and I love me some dark purple as the days get shorter.

Last up is French Riviera and as you can see it's a beautiful pale icy blue polish with really fine purple shimmer running through it.  The lovely nails below are Joanne's and I kid you not when I tell you that she said her hand felt like it was colder than the other one as I applied French Riviera onto her nails.  Just because it was icy blue.  I know.... Weirdoooo!  But weirdness aside, it's beautifully subtle and will make you look uber tanned!

Now it's time for the glamour shots where we tried to get all artistic but failed miserably.  Instead we laughed at how ridiculous we were and so these here collages were born!  

Please note the artistic composition of the nails.... Yeah, we didn't see it either....

I love me a wide brush when it comes to applying nail polish and the Colour Riche ones are fantastic.  I was able to do one coat with one swipe on both my and Joanne's nails.  Easy peasy.  You're looking at two coats of each polish above, except for the blue French Riviera one.  We needed three with that one.

We are in The Ultimate Love with these polishes and at €7.55, they're not cheap, so definitely keep an eye out for 3 for 2 offers in Boots.  They're really worth a try, especially Dating Coral.



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