Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bargain of the week thanks to TK Maxx!

Yesterday Joanne and I took a trip up to Belfast and Newry to have a little looksee.  I was very restrained (compared to other trips) and yes, I picked up some make up and polishes.  Seven to be exact.  But hey, they were all at an amazing price!

First up are these four beauties that were £4.99!  For all four!  I've seen the set for €6.99 in my local TK Maxx which is just brilliant considering they're €5.99 each in chemists.  I can't wait for my nails to grow so I can show you these stunning polishes in more detail.  Oh yeah, the only thing about buying them in TK Maxx is that they don't have the shade on the bottle which is annoying but I'll do some research and find out for you.

Next up is Orly.  These three bottles are huge and the smaller ones are usually around €7 each.  These mahoosive bottles cost me £7.99 for all three and they're gorgeous aren't they?  What a perfect way to build up my Orly collection on a budget.

Of course we had to pick up something for Bailey the brat.  His favourite toys are ones that are white and fluffy and essentially look like him.  We saw this lamb/sheep in Sainsburys and it's one of the toys that have no filling which is essential in our house as his hobby is to try and pull the guts of his toy out as soon as possible and make as big a mess as possible!

He's in The Love with this lamb who we've christened Dave Lamb as we're big fans of Come Dine With Me.   Bailey and Dave Lamb are very happy together and are constantly side by side!

What's been your bargain of the week?

Two looks with the Warm Breeze palette from Dr Hauschka

Today I've another make up look, or rather two, from one palette.  I showed you the Cool Breeze palette from Dr Hauschka's summer collection and today we've got the Warm Breeze palette (€60).  This is my favourite of the two natural and cruelty-free palettes, with three warm, rich shades of eyeshadow, two gorgeously pigmented lipsticks and a bronze mini kajal liner.

Anyone for swatches?  I am obsessed with the orange shade in the middle and I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of this palette as it comes into Autumn.  I absolutely love getting stuck into shades like this and although they really suit my eye colour, they'll suit most eye colours too.

Look 1.  
I applied the gold shade all over the eyelid then applied the orange shade in the crease and under the lower lashes.  I lined the upper lash line with the kajal liner and patted the brown shadow over the top of it to soften it a bit.

A coat of mascara and we've a really easy look that takes just minutes!  A simple, natural look.  Grand jobby.

Look 2.
I started off my applying the kajal liner to the upper lashline and blended it in.  I applied the brown shadow over the top of the liner and took it under the lower lashes.  I took my favourite shade, the orange shadow, and applied it into the crease.  Some more kajal liner went onto the upper lash line to define things a bit more and along the waterline.

Lots of mascara and we're done.  We're left with a look that makes my eyes look more blue than green!

I've been getting inspired again to start playing around with make up and absolutely love the Warm Breeze palette!  You can find out more about Dr Hauschka here along with a list of stockists.


Monday, July 30, 2012

L'Oreal Miss Candy Color Infallible photos and swatches

Are you ready for some shimmery shadows?  The latest Color Infallible eyeshadows (€10.79) from the L'Oreal Miss Candy collection are bright, colourful and pretty!  I love their packaging, the little dinky jars with the plastic cap inside to keep the loose powder pressed down.  You can apply them wet or dry and they've a really creamy texture that makes application and blending a cinch.

I was sent three shades to play with and first up is Innocent Turquoise, a cool almost icy blue with little flecks of gold dotted throughout the pot.  However, when applied, the gold isn't obvious and just adds more interest to the already gorgeous shade.

Swatches: Top (dry), Bottom (wet)
Next is Naughty Strawberry which is a mid toned pink that leans towards plum with gold flecks dotted throughout the pot.  Like Innocent Turquoise, once it's applied, the visible gold disappears and adds dimension to the already fabulous shade.

Finally is Sassy Marshmallow.  This is the most multi-dimensional of the three in the jar.  You can see hints of blue, pink and purple running throughout the shadow but once it's applied, you're left with an icy silver that'll brighten your eyes up.  I think a shade like this would be lovely even just on the inner corner.

The Color Infallible shadows can be applied for a sheer wash of colour, packed on heavier or applied wet to give you a stunningly opaque shimmery eye.  I'm going to have to pick more of these up for sure.  They last all day without any creasing or fading and are fantastic eyeshadows to play around with.

Do we like?  

Five eye looks with just two products - thanks to Clarins!

As I've said many times here on the blog, I'm no make up artist, just someone who loves playing around with makeup.  A lot.  And I'm a mad collector of products too.  I've quite a problem but I love it all!

Anyway, I thought I'd show you how to create multiple looks on your eyes with just two products.  Yes, two.  Well, three if you include the mascara.  But we won't include that.  It's much more dramatic to say TWO PRODUCTS!  And these are the two I used.  From the 2012 Autumn Collection from Clarins, I'll be showing you what you can do with the Ombre Mineral Wet & Dry Mineral Eyeshadow (€18.50) in the shade 07 Auburn and the Kohl Eye Pencil in Black (€15.00).  The eyeshadows are available in sixteen shades and will be part of the permanent collection when they're launched in September.

Look 1.  
This one is easy peasy.  I applied the shadow through the crease, leaving the eyelid bare and lined the upper lashline with the liner.  It's a classic and simple look.

Look 2.
Of course I wasn't going to stop there.  No.  This is me.  I like to pile all the make up on!  I lined my waterline with the kohl pencil and took it into the inner corner, making a point and making my eyes look elongated and more feline - miaow!

Look 3.
Next to add more definition, I took the Auburn eyeshadow under the lower lashline and applied it on the upper lid.  Done and dusted!

Look 4.
I started off by applying the kohl pencil along the upper lashline in the general shape I wanted.  I blended it in, making sure to feather it up so that it was darker closer to my lashes.  I then applied the shadow all over the eyelid and thanks to the black liner, it created a gradient effect!  Easy stuff!

I took the brown shadow under the lower lashline and that was it!  An easy smokey eye.

Look 5.
We aren't finished with the kohl liner yet!  I took it along the waterline and tightlined too and that finished the look perfectly!

So hopefully you found this little tutorial easy to follow.  You can use the methods I showed with any colours you'd like and you'll end up with something like this.  Which is your favourite look?

So if I had any sense at all, I'd stop buying make up because I can create so many looks with a few products but let's be honest, I'm never going to stop am I?!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Favourite Five! 29/07

Ah, we're fast approaching the end of July and another week is over.  It was a great week for blog posts and these are the ones that inspired me the most this week!

Simone has this post on make up organisation and I think only true make up lovers like us all really get how exciting it is to find fabulous storage for your stash.  She's totally inspired me to organise my own collection so stay tuned for my own make up storage post in the hopefully not too distant future....  First I need to do a massive clear out!

This post by Laura of Buy Now, Blog Later made me go oooh and then made me want to shell out the €45 or thereabouts for this stunning Tom Ford lipstick...  Droolfest or what?

I'm all about trying to save space when travelling and Fluff and Fripperies' Emma has the lowdown on travel kits you can bring away with you and not worry about lugging big bottles of products around with you!  It's all about packing smartly ladies!

Julie is celebrating her 2 year blogoversary over here so go stop by to say hi and she's also having a little giveaway to say thanks.  Well done on reaching that milestone Julie, here's to the next two years!

Ok, another one about storage but I can't help it!  I've wanted this for ages and when Sile over at Emerald Eyeliner did a post on her new storage unit, the want was stronger than ever.   Wouldn't it be perfect for nail polish?


I've been doing some thinking lately and as my own two year blogoversary fast approaches, I've been pondering more than ever about how to improve the blog.  I want to make a banner, redesign the blog and so to help this happen, I'm going to be accepting sponsored posts.  They'll only be ones that fit in with the blog and you're under no obligation to read them!  I'll be accepting advertising too and taking advantage of having a pretty decent following here so thank you in advance for understanding and I'll hopefully make you proud with what I've planned for the next few months!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Palmer's Coco Butter Formula Body Scrub, Skin Therapy Oil and Body Lotion with SPF15!

I have this weird affliction where I see a name or a word and a song comes into my head.  For the brand Palmers, Addicted to love is the song I sing, by Robert Palmer.  Can't help it.  And you're welcome for it now being in your head and picturing all those girls with the glossy red lips.

But I digress.  Palmer's Coco Butter Formula.  It's a brand we've all seen in our local chemists and Boots and I've tried some of their products over the years.  It's one of those brands that we know works and is always there, waiting for us to need it.  Now, the Palmers fairy delivered some products recently and two of them were new to me and ones I'd never heard of.  This gets my beauty blogging mojo going!  I'll go through the products I was familiar with first.

The Coco Body Scrub (€6.40) has crushed up cocoa beans to exfoliate the skin alongside shea butter and vitamin E to make sure your skin is moisturised after exfoliating.  It's not an abrasive scrub and so I'd be happy to use this a few times a week, knowing that it'll last for ages because it has such a thick consistency and a little goes a long way.  So it'd be perfect if you're looking for a lighter scrub.  It has the traditional chocolatey smell so I use it in the evenings followed by the oil that I'll talk to you about below.

But first, the lip balm (€2.40) (I don't have a photo of it as it's at home beside my bed and I'm in work typing this.  If anyone asks, I'm on my lunch break writing this... ahem ).  We all know I'm obsessed with lip balms and I know good ones.  This one folks, is a keeper.  I've been chewing my lips recently and they're in bits.  The Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturising Lip Balm has an SPF15 and melts onto the lips like a dream.  It's a classic and a goodie and is usually looking at me from my desk at work as I type. 
Now onto the new-to-me ones!

Skin Therapy Oil (€12.80).  I use it when I'm out of the shower and my skin is still damp.  I need to make sure Bailey (my dog) is occupied because every single time I use this, I find him licking my arms or legs.  Very annoying altogether and I'm pretty sure it's not edible!  This oil sinks into my skin leaving no hint of grease or even a sheen, just perfectly dry and moisturised skin.  I get into my bed, smelling lovely and ready to get some beauty sleep.

The body lotion with SPF15 (€4.95).
I was really excited to give this product a go.  I'd no idea Palmers had a lotion that had SPF in it.  Something that moisturises and nourishes your skin along with SPF15 UVA/UVB sun protection!  This is something that you can use every day as it's non greasy like other sun creams and it smells lovely too.  It's yellow, which makes me happy and while the cocoa scent is lighter than the scrub and oil, it masks the traditional smell of SPF.  Not everyone likes to smell like holidays when they're not going on holidays...  This is perfect for those people!

These extrememly affordable products are readily available from Boots, Superdrug and chemists nationwide.  They're definitely worth checking out ladies!

What's your favourite Palmer's product?

Spotlight on The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil

I love me some oils so I do and when this Moringa Beautifying Oil from The Body Shop arrived at Casa Girlie Bits, I was very intrigued altogether.  I'm used to oils dedicated to one specific area like my Orofluido for my hair, Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate for my face and pick one for the Body.  So one that is meant for everywhere?  Don't mind if I do!

I've spent the last while using it on alllll of myself and am ready to report back, clipboard in hand, white coat and goggles on.  Little factoid is that these oils contain 99.6% natural ingredients.  There are 11 scents in total and contain a blend of lightweight nut oils.

The Body.
I am absolutely in The Love with the Moringa scent and the body butter from The Body Shop is one of my all time favourites.  So an oil in the same scent?  Yeah buddy!  Get on my body!  I love applying this right out of the shower when my skin is damp and literally get giddy with the gorgeous scent wafting from my skin.  It says it dries super quickly but I like to be on the safe side and let it sink in for a few minutes while I go about my morning business (running around like a lunatic because I spent ages in the shower and decided it was a good idea to apply a body oil first thing in the morning - so worth it though).  The scent lasts for ages, I applied it four hours ago so I could describe it and it's still there and yes, I look weird smelling my arm but I'm ok with that, I smell gorgeous!

The Face.
Being so heavily scented, I was a bit scared applying it to my face at first, afraid I was going to break out big time.  But I needn't have feared.  No break outs here.  I dispense a small drop in the palm of my hands, then rub them together and get applying.  The oil seems to take longer to sink in on my face than on my body so this is why I've been using it at night.  I think it'd be something that would do my skin more good in the winter when it's cold and there's heating on all the time rather than in the muggy summer weather, but I can't stress it enough, less is more.  Or less.  You know what I mean.

The Hair.
The instructions are to apply it to dry hair which is different to the other oils I use on my locks.  They tell me to apply it to damp hair and then blow dry it, but I do what I'm told and apply it to my freshly washed, dry hair.  It smooths my hair out effortlessly without weighing it down and adds definition to the ends.  I find when I've used it in my hair, I do that really annoying thing where I can't stop touching it.  I fix it so it's all brought to the front, around my face, then enjoy flicking it all back like a big poser.  It leaves my hair silky and with a beautiful shine that we ladies with lighter hair sometimes find it hard to achieve.  Note to remember, don't use it on your roots.  A big greasy head is not a good look.

Now, a little goes a really long way with this stuff let me tell you that.  Don't use it on your roots or you'll look like an oil slick.  As a little goes a long way, so will your cashola.  A bottle is €14.95 and will last ages.

I love this so much and it's a great product to introduce people to oils.  You only need the one product and you can do your hair, face and body.  And you will thank me if you're a newbie to oils.  They're the wave of the future!  So go visit The Body Shop and pick out your favourite scent.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Incoming! New additions to the Origins Plantscription Anti-aging collection

This August, there'll be some new members joining the Plantscription Anti-aging gang that already includes Plantscription Anti-aging serum and Plantscription Eye Treatment (I'm a huge fan of that as you well know).  New to the crew comes the Plantscription SPF15 Anti-aging foundation, an Anti-aging eye cream and and Anti-aging concealer.  I'm very intrigued altogether at the thought of make up that'll help me look younger!

The foundation comes in twelve shades and contains the powerhouse ingredient Anogeissus that helps visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  I need that.  Get on my face and make me look young thanks.  It's an oil free formula (fantastic for me), has soft focus optics to help mask any visible pores and has an SPF15 included, so no excuses if you forget to apply your sunscreen in the morning.

Origins Plantscription SPF15 Anti-aging foundation €36/30ml.
There's an accompanying Anti-aging concealer that also contains Anogeissus so I'm telling you, if I use both of these bad boys, I'd better look like I'm 18 all over again!  It comes in six shades and promises to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles right away and over time.  It's also clinically proven to boost your skin's radiance and help improve the appearance of dark circles.  Nothing will get rid of them ladies, so we need smoke and mirrors like this!

Origins Plantscription Anti-aging concealer €19)
Finally is the Anti-aging eye cream that on first appearance looks very much like the Anti-aging eye treatment and I needed to hold the two pots in my hands to compare and contrast, so make sure to read the label properly when picking out an eye cream!
Origins Plantscription Anti-aging eye cream €45/15ml

What makes the eye cream different to the eye treatment apart from the gold lid?  Well, they're both formulated with Anogeissus Tree Bark to get rid of your wrinkles, sorry, laugh lines.  They also both have Kombucha (fermented Black Tea) that helps lift and firm the skin.  The new eye cream contains Magnolia and Cucumber to help reduce the appearance of dark circles along with Squalane and Jojoba to moisturise and reduce fine lines.  Texture wise, the eye cream feels thicker and richer than the eye treatment but I can do a proper compare and contrast post on them in the near future if you're interested.  I was sent the eye cream and the serum to play with so stay tuned for my reviews on them!

So what do we think of these?  I'm looking forward to having a look at the foundation and concealer when they launch in August.  Make up that has skin care benefits?  I like it.  And it could be something for those who find the BB creams out there don't give as much coverage as they'd like.

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere - The One that made Joanne forget about her Creme de la Mer....

It's a tale as old as time.  Big Sis gets something in the post.  Big Sis loves and uses it all the time, falling in The Love with it.  Big Sis sees Little Sis's skin is in flitters and pauses.  Sighing, Big Sis hands over the product to Little Sis in a very generous move altogether, one that shouldn't be forgotten ahem.  Big Sis tells Little Sis to use the product on her visage.  Little Sis doesn't.  Big Sis sits on Little Sis (not really) and tells her to shut her pie hole and use La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere and thank her later.

Joanne's experience:
"To me, having flake free skin is a like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow - something I've always wanted and searched for but never found.  I've tried so many lotions and potions over the years to help my skin from oils to Creme de la Mer to Vaseline.  You name it, I've done it, ate it and tried it!!  I thought I'd tried everything and nothing would work for me until "Oh Wise One" aka Karen (Karen here, I totally didn't get her to write that but I think that's how I'd like to be called from now on) suggested I try La Roche Posay Hydraphase."  (Karen here again, I had been using it and suggested she try it and I haven't seen it since ahem)

"She told me all about it and how amazing it was supposed to be and I vacantly nodded like a good little sister and did what I was told.  It comes in a 50ml tube and one pump is plenty to cover your face.  Plus it gets brownie points for having an SPF20 too.

I honestly thought I'd try it for a couple of weeks, see a slight bit of difference and then going back to trying a mixture of everything on my bedside locker.  But I was shocked.  Literally shocked at the huge difference I found in my skin in three days.  THREE DAYS PEOPLE!!  The worst are on my face for dryness was my forehead and within the three days, I could rub my forehead and there wasn't a flake to be seen.  I even have Lovely Mammy Bits rubbing my forehead when I see her as I still can't believe what great condition my skin's in.  No more dry, sometimes sore skin.

I've been using Hydraphase for about six weeks now and there's still lots left to use so I can't tell you how long you'll get from a tube.  If you have dry/sensitive skin, I honestly can't recommend Hydraphase enough for you.  This is my Holy Grail moisturiser folks."

Karen here again.  So yeah, am I not the best sister in the world and I have saved Joanne a bunch of cash as this is only €22.  That's nothing for a fantastic moisturiser that has Hyaluronic Acid Fragments that cause your skin to lock in water to keep it hydrated for longer.  As Joanne said above, it has SPF 20 and protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays.  It's paraben free and will cause your sister to owe you big time.  Result!  Now as I mentioned above, I was using it too before handing it over dutifully and loved it too.  I'll have to get my own bottle now!

Have you tried Hydraphase yet ladies?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Minding your tootsies with Pixy Solid Foot Scrub and Peppermint Foot Cream

Lads, last weekend my poor feet took a beating.  On Friday I wore flats into town and I find it hard walking for long distances in flats at the best of times.  So I moaned the whole way home in car at how sore my feet were.

On Saturday night, we went to the Miriam O'Callaghan show where I wore my gorgeous nude wedges that had me crippled.  We were standing for about an hour having a cheeky drink before walking miles (not miles, felt like it though) to the studio and then back to the car.   All the while focussing on not falling and not walking out of my shoes.  They were digging into the top of my foot and I was walking out of the back of them so I've decided they're now my Sitting Down Shoes.  Ones where I'll be getting a taxi to my location, sitting down for the whole night and taxi home.  I moaned the whole way home in the car at how sore my feet were.  I'm sensing a trend here.

That, coupled with two big walks in the park both Saturday and Sunday meant that my poor feet were sore and tired and what better time to break open these treats for feet sent by the Pixy fairy!

The Solid Foot Scrub (€8.75) is too cute and it's the only foot that you'll see on the blog considering I'm allergic to photos of feet.  It exfoliates your feet thanks to the loofah inside and the peppermint leaves on the bottom of it add a nice fresh scent to the whole experience.  Let's be honest, scrubbing your feet is not one of the best beauty jobs in the world but this little guy makes it a nicer time.  With essential oils like lavender and cedarwood to destress your tootsies and neem and tea tree to keep your toe-toes fresh, you'll have smooth feet in no time.

After that, it's time to slather on some of the Peppermint Foot Cream (€9.49) and this stuff smells gorgeous.  The peppermint oil cools down your feet in no time and it's perfect for using at the end of a long day.  It's rich so a little goes a long way and the scent helps bring your footsies back to life!

You can buy these treats for one's feet here on the Pixy website and I dare you not to get sucked in to all of the gorgeously natural products they have!


New from Clarins - Instant Definition Mascara - Intense Plum, photos and review

Last week I brought you the fantastic 3 Dot Liner from Clarins and the next product I've to show you from their upcoming Autumn range is their Instant Definition Mascara (€25.42) in the shade Intense Plum.  Sounds a bit scary but fear not, it is very subtle colour wise and is really flattering on.  Coming in a sleek gold tube with a little indent containing the letter C, you know time has gone into designing something so classic.

Let's talk wands first shall we as we all know, the shape of a wand is ever so important for a lady to be fully satisfied.  Ahem.  There's two distinct parts to this mascara wand, the slightly oval shaped belly so to speak and the tapered plastic tip.  This part allows you to get every single teeny weeny lash at the inner corner and adds more definition to the lashes on the outer corner. 

I've a method that works perfectly with this mascara.  I use the main brush part to coat all of my lashes with the formula and this itself adds serious volume and curl.  Then I use the tip to get the lashes on the inner and outer corners and also use it to push up the ends of the rest of my lashes.

You want before and after photos yeah?

Adding length, volume and separation of lashes, Instant Definition Mascara really does make my peepers look normal again.  There's a reason why I need mascaras ladies and I've pretty much no lashes without it!  It doesn't feel crunchy when it dries which is always muy importante and it's easily buildable but I find I don't need any more than one coat which is what you're seeing here.

At the end of the work day, my lashes look exactly like they did at 7am that morning.  There's no smudging, flaking and the curl stays put.  This is a pretty fantastic mascara and I now want to try it in black!

What do you think ladies?  You likey?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Roger & Gallet Eau Sublime Or and Creme Sublime Or review

You know how when you smell a scent and you're instantly transported to a far away land?  Or Spain?  Well, as soon as I sprayed this absolute corker of a scent onto my arm, closed my eyes and inhaled the scent, I opened my eyes to find myself on the streets of Alicante on a sultry evening.  (I wish... I was still in my living room unfortunately...)

Described as warm and addictive, this couldn't describe Eau Sublime Or Fresh Fragrant Water (€39.95) better.  It brings me somewhere warm and I am addicted!  When I first spray it (liberally as it's gorgeous), the bright top notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange make me feel like summer is in the air and I'm on my holidays.

As the fragrance settles, the lisylang, moorea coconut flower and orange blossom add a layer of femininity.  Finally comes my favourite part of the scent.  The base notes of Moroccan cedar wood, vanilla and musk add warmth without much sweetness and it's at that point where I'm sitting outside in Spain with a sangria in hand.

If you want the scent to last longer, a layer of the Creme Sublime Or (€17.50) will keep you smelling delicious for ages.  The velvet finish adds to the luxurious aspect of this scent and will have you offering your arm for people to smell.  "Look, don't I smell like holidays?"  With a blend of six natural oils and a combination of bergamot, orange, melon, cedor, coco and lisylang, this works in perfect harmony with the Eau Sublime Or.

Both the spray and cream have delicate flecks of gold that give you beautiful glowing skin and it's for that reason that I've been wearing this in the evenings.  I am obsessed with perfumes and if I was to spray this as much as I'd want to, I would come home with a glittery neck and clothes, not to mention the hair.  Sprayed across the neck, decollatage and down the arms, I smell gorgeous and look radiant.

If you're in your local pharmacy any time soon, please check these out and then come back here and tell me where it transports you to!

Feeling clean in the clamminess

I love summer, I really do.  The Irish summer?  Not so much... Give me blue skies and sun and I'm a happy camper, slathering on my SPF like a good child and fully expecting to be drenched in my own sweat because hey, it's summer and a bit of sun puts me in good form.

What does not put me in good form is grey, sticky, clammy weather.  No.  This makes for an angry Karen.  I get cranky, fidgety, flustered and uncomfortable in general when I feel clammy and have a general air of misery.  And if I have to walk anywhere when I'm clammy, you'd better not be the person I'm going to meet because I moan like a child with a pained face and fan myself wildly with whatever's closest to me.  Menus are the best for that in my vast experience.  They're light and make a good breeze.

There are certain brands and products I love year round but even more so when it comes to summer.  The first brand is one of my all time favourites and it's Dove.  Love is like a dove from above with a glove.  Mr. Big said something like that but I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about Dove shower or haircare products.  Without fail, the scent of Dove products make me instantly feel clean, cooler (physically, not in the hip, cool way) and refresh me instantly.

I picked up some of their hair products last week in Tesco when I saw they were half price and couldn't wait to have a shower first thing the next morning, ready to go to work smelling squeaky clean.  Em, I usually am squeaky clean and all, just to clarify that there.   The nourishing oil care range has the traditional soapy scent that I love so much and it's the icing on the cake that it leaves my hair so soft and bouncy after using it.  Containing nutri-oils (whatever they are) and argan oil, it tames the frizz down a bit and I totally have sleek, swishy hair when I dry it and that's without using any of my regular hair oils.  Each one of the bottles above were under the €2 mark which is bargainous.

When it comes to shower products to help me feel fresh and clean, I like blue or green shower gels.  Anything that is mariney or that has the word aqua in the name will be in my shopping basket quicker than you can say I'm meltingggggg.  This Ocean fresh scent is absolutely perfect for clammy days and it makes me feel positively lovely.  This was also on sale in Tesco for around €1.50.  I always stock up on shower gels like that when they're on special offer.

Dove deodorant is never off my armpits (don't you hate seeing that word typed out?) and I keep a bottle of it at all times in my drawers at work.  My desk drawers.  A quick spray and clam be gone!

There is nothing and I mean nothing like a spray of something gorgeous to help perk your mood up and in my case, get rid of le clam.  The Scent Of The Summer By An Absolute Mile for me this year has been Essence Eau de Musc from Narcisso Rodriguez.  You can read my full review here but let me tell you that I owe this mirrored bottle a lot.  It's saved me from melting at work on many a day and it's a firm favourite amongst all the girls in the office.  When I want something a bit lighter, I lash on my Adidas Pure Lightness body spray that I stock up when I'm in Spain because you can't get it here but I felt I had to tell you about it as it's a crucial element in Me Not Being Clammy.  When it comes to body sprays or spritzes, I follow the same logic as choosing my shower gel and find that I veer towards sprays that are blue, green or even clear, I'm mad like that.

What are your favourite products for keeping the clamminess at bay?  Let the record show that I didn't die of the Clam Factor last night as I had all of these beauties on hand to help me stay cool.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Chit Chat Juicy Lipsticks - bargain of the week!

I love Dealz.  I really do.  Where else can you get lipsticks that look like the Chubby Sticks for €1.50 each? Did I need them?  Not at all?  Did I buy them?  Do you not know me at all?!

Let's take a little look.  Packaging wise, they've got the clear plastic cap that I'm just waiting to lose and you twist the end of the tube to reveal a really decent amount of product.

First up is Firey Red, the darker of the two.  This has more of a tinted balm feel to it and is pretty sheer on the lips.  It feels comfortable and moisturising and I'd be happy enough applying this when I'm on the go sans mirror.  Loving the berry stained finish it leaves on my lips.

Secondly is the shade Damson and it's a creamy, pigmented lipstick that leaves an almost satin finish on the lips.  I'm absolutely loving this shade and it's not too bright for me, me being the scaredy cat of mad colours!

Deffo check these babies out in Dealz, for €1.49 each you can't go wrong and they'd lots of Rimmel stuff there too yesterday.  They also had so much glittery polish but I can't remember the brand, not one I've heard of, I know that, but I was a good girl and left it there.  Aren't you proud!  Anddddd, I went into Boots beside Dealz and didn't buy anything!  

Have you picked up any great bargains this week?


Black and neon nails

I love browsing Pinterest and once I start pinning, I can't stop and before I know it, an hour has gone by but it's ok, I've found lots of inspiration!  This photo has never been far from my thoughts and ages ago I picked up some striping tape in Hairspray in Dundrum for €3, promptly lost it but found it again during the week.  So it was time to see if we could work it and because I thought it might be fiddly, I made Joanne be the hand model for today's nail tutorial.  Now, as I'm all for crediting your inspiration, I saw that it came from this website which is all in French and do you think I could find the exact post?  Nope.  But I did find some absolutely gorgeous tutorials that I fell in the love with....

So what do we need for our tutorial?  I totally forgot to include the black polish but yeah, any black one will do, I used Avon's Licorice from the Nailwear Pro+ range.  

First you paint each nail a different colour and let it dry.  This was my first attempt using the striping tape so I put a top coat over the polish just to make sure it didn't lift the polish but I don't think you'd need to do that.  I cut off little sections of the tape and made little designs with them on each nail, making sure to press down on the edges.

Next you apply a coat of black polish and we learned that it was best to do finger by finger, not allowing the polish time to set before peeling off the tape.  So basically apply a coat on a finger, immediately take the tape off and admire your beautiful nails!  I was ready to faint after doing the whole hand as each time I was taking a bit of the tape off, I kept holding my breath!

This is what you'll end up with.

Doesn't it remind you of when you were a kid, drawing your pictures with crayons, colouring over it all in black and then using a coin or something to scrape designs off?  If this does not remind you of that, you are making me feel old.

You can see the blue polish lifted a little bit, but it's not too bad.

This is a bit fiddly but I'm sure the next time I use the tape, I'll be able to work with it a bit easier.  We made a mess of Joanne's other hand as we used that as a trial run with silver on the nails and then black over the top.  We let the black polish dry a good bit and when we went to take the tape off, it all came up and I had the rage.  

But we're loving the black and neon nails!  What do you think?

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